Kate Gosselin was hoping that her new book would lead to a TV show deal, but the awful sales and reviews she is receiving would likely indicate otherwise. She recently released a cookbook called Kate Gosselin’s Love Is In The Mix, but her fans aren’t showing that love back. Current sales leave it at a dismal No. 3,105 on Amazon’s Best Seller list, and it has received plenty of scathing reviews on both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

While the Amazon reviews started out strongly for Gosselin, all of the last 10 reviews have received either one or two stars out of five. The book complaints include food photos that don’t match the recipes, excessive use of canned soups and processed foods, and some of the recipes being copied, verbatim, from the Internet. As one Barnes & Noble reviewer harshly put it: “The only thing this book should be used for is starting a fire in the fireplace.”


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Having been largely out of work for over two years, Gosselin said she dreamed of another chance at returning to reality television. “I wake up every day dreaming of that second chance,” she admitted to the Toronto Star. “I don’t think I appreciated it enough.  But I would love to take what I learned and, gosh, knock it out of the park next time.”

Gosselin also acknowledged that her current reputation was less than flattering, but said she was working hard to try and change it so that she could boost her career. "Being on TV showed me how other people see me,” she explained. “Yes, I was sleep deprived and stressed and they edited it in a certain way. But I did all those things. I like to think that, compared to those early seasons now, I’m more empathetic and more accepting and more understanding.”

Jon and Kate Gosselin Jon Gosselin also revealed that he no longer verbally communicates with his ex-wife.

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But despite her financial struggles, she seems to be doing better than her ex-husband, Jon. He made headlines last month for revealing that he was broke, living in the woods and working as a waiter in rural Pennsylvania. The pair has attempted to maintain a civil relationship since their divorce in 2009, but Gosselin’s recent plans to sue him over attempting to obtain information for a tell-all book seem to have killed any chance of that.