Is Kate Gosselin broke? Despite earning millions off her reality show career, the former TV star and Twitter celeb could soon be bankrupt as she struggles to find work. The infamous mother of eight recently revealed that much of her reality show fortune has evaporated and that she no longer has a steady income.

Speaking to People magazine, Gosselin admitted that her once-lavish lifestyle has become much more modest. “I’m living very carefully these days,” she said. “I made so many mistakes, of course.” Since Gosselin had her TLC reality show canceled in the summer of 2011, she has been “piecing and patching together” work from a variety of different projects. She worked as a contributing blogger for the website Cabin Coupon, but was released by the company last October.


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Gosselin has desperately attempted to revive her reality show career, but to no avail. She appeared on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap last February, but has been turned down by every major network for her own reality show series. There were also rumors that she would patch things up with her ex-husband, Jon, for a scripted series, but those plans never materialized. “We’re hoping to move forward and do more fun projects," Gosselin said last year. "Fans are begging, 'They’ve grown up, they’ve turned eight, what are you doing?’ and so we’re hoping to put that out there for them.” Gosselin is also releasing a book next month, which will be her fourth as an author. 

Unfortunately for the former reality star, she has developed a reputation as someone who is extremely difficult to work with. And once a reality show concept fizzles, it's unlikely it will reappear on a different channel. “Once you have a show canceled, it's almost impossible to sell the same idea to another network,” one TV insider revealed. “TLC is the non-Hollywood network and the perfect home for her. If they no longer want her, I’m not sure which other network will.”

Kate-Gosselin-062413sp Kate Gosselin has been accused of racism after this photo leaked to Twitter, June 2013

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Gosselin made headlines last June after a Twitter user posted a photo of her wearing a molded headpiece resembling a geisha-style hairdo while pulling back the skin around her eyes. Gosselin denied being racist and said that the photo was taken during a “happy moment” with her ex-husband, a second-generation Korean-American.