Kate Middleton has already passed her July 13 due date, keeping the world on edge as it awaits the arrival of the royal baby. Meanwhile, the Duchess is staying calm and cool at her parents' Buckelbury home.

“It was just too warm in Nott Cott,” a source said, referring to Middleton’s previous Nottingham Cottage getaway. “She decided to spend the weekend with mum and dad. Much more comfortable,” the insider explained. Middleton headed to her parents' home on Friday after the temperatures heated up, since the royal abode lacks air conditioning.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Prince William and Harry both competed in a charity polo match while Kate Middleton was at her parent's house, and the father-to-be was apparently incredibly relaxed.

Prince William’s wife can now enjoy a pool, patio and cooler climates while London continues to hit record highs of 89 degrees. Although Prince William has gone above and beyond to ensure Middleton’s comfort, he also braved the heat on Sunday to join brother Harry for a charity polo match. Despite speculation that William was nervous to welcome his first child with Middleton, he appeared laid-back at the charitable event.

“William is relaxed,” a royal aide said of the soon-to-be-father. The Prince planned “to drive to Bucklebury and stay the night at the Middleton’s house with Kate” after the polo game, the source added.

Kate Middleton Kate Middleton's move to her parent's home fueled speculation that her and Prince William gave a false due date in order to ward off the press.

Prince William’s charity polo match only served to corroborate speculation that the Duchess was, in fact, expecting her baby to arrive later than July 13. William’s late mother, Princess Diana, famously fibbed about her delivery date in order to deter excess press attention, and many believe that Middleton may have concocted a similar plan.

Fortunately, the Royal Palace intends to announce the arrival of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby outside of Buckingham Palace. In the meantime, however, the pregnant Duchess is apparently enjoying the final days before birth. “Kate finds pregnancy fascinating,” a source said. “She still says, ‘I can’t believe it’ when you talk about a baby being inside of her,” the source added. As for Middleton and William’s lingering questions? “They want to know what the baby will look like and who it will take after,” the insider said.