Katherine Heigl turned to Indiegogo to raise money to finish editing her latest film Jenny’s Wedding, but it could be because she doesn’t have the money herself. Rumors that the actress is broke and bankrupt have surfaced after she cried poor and declared she couldn’t fork over the $150,000 herself that she’s trying to raise. When asked by TMZ why she was turning to Indiegogo to raise the money for Jenny’s Wedding, Heigl admitted that “I haven’t made that much in the last few years...I gotta support my family.” While she isn’t broke or bankrupt yet, it seems that Heigl is acknowledging this isn’t a far-off possibility.

Unfortunately for her, the Jenny’s Wedding fundraising isn’t going so well. Heigl’s latest project has only received $31,700 of the $150,000 it hoped to raise so far, although she has over another month until the March 28 deadline. However, Heigl and the other filmmakers will get to keep any of the money raised.

Katherine Heigl Katherine Heigl is hoping to raise $150,000 for post-production with the Indiegogo campaign

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In Jenny’s Wedding, Heigl plays a lesbian who surprises her conservative parents with plans to marry a woman. In her Indiegogo campaign video, Heigl explains that “the movie is really just about her journey and her journey with her family and revealing this part of herself that she’s kept hidden for so long.” She later joked about researching for the movie by claiming she did “full on threesomes and watched threesomes with women and a lot of women porn.”

Katherine Heigl A $15,000 donation to the Indiegogo campaign will get you the wedding dress that Heigl wears in Jenny's Wedding.

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The fundraising campaign for the film also attempted to explain why a relatively expensive movie is asking fans to cough up money to finish it. “Our budget was very small in comparison to most films,” read part of a statement on the campaign page. “Depending on how much money we raise over our goal, we might be able to license big, recognizable songs we normally would not have been able to afford.  Music is in integral part of making the best possible movie.”

There are also unique incentives for fans to chip in and make large donations, although nobody has actually done it yet. A $15,000 donation will result in getting the actual wedding dress Heigl wears in the movie, while a $5,000 donation gives you the chance to have dinner in Los Angeles with the director and producers of Jenny’s Wedding. The largest individual donation so far has been $750.