Is trouble brewing between Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner? Maybe not yet, but Harry’s friends are worried about their future. According to reports, Harry’s pals are worried about, guess who, Kris Jenner coming in between Jenner, Styles and his career.

Kendall, 18, and Harry, 19, seem to be getting along swimmingly when they’re together, but friends are worried that Kris could get in the way. According to Star, Harry’s “friends don’t want Kris to sink her teeth into him” and use his celebrity to make the Kardashian name even bigger. Harry’s friends are scared that he could be the next man used in a long line of Kardashian beau’s including Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom.

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“Kris will push them to do joint business ventures,” an insider told Star. “She’ll make sure she benefits off them.” It’s not clear if Kris has actually met Harry, yet, but it does seem like dad Bruce Jenner has met the One Direction singer, though.

Harry Styles Harry Styles was just seen out with Kendall Jenner.

“It sounds like a match made in heaven,” Kendall’s brother Brody Jenner said about the model and Harry. “That’s what it sounds like, but I’ve never met him. My dad told me that Harry Styles plays golf, so that’s cool,” Brody continued “She is at that age where dating is a lot of fun.”

Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner and Kylie Jenner Friends are worried that Kris Jenner (here with Kendall and Kylie) will push Harry Styles to work with the Kardashian's.

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Kendall and Harry were first seen together in November on a dinner date at Craig’s in Los Angeles. When asked about their relationship at the American Music Awards, Kendall said, "No story, we're friends. He's cool." About a week later, after saying they were “just friends” the two went out to the Soho House. “They leaned in to talk to each other,” a source said about Kendall and Harry. “He was really animated with Kendall.” 

Kendall and Harry have now continued their relationship into outings in NYC and London. Harry was seen entering Kendall’s hotel when she was overseas for a modeling gig. We can’t wait to see where their date with Kris Jenner will end up being.