Kim Kardashian has generated plenty of headlines for her sexy Instagram selfie, but not all of them have been positive. The new mom has suffered plenty of backlash over the revealing photo, with some even accusing the reality star of being a bad mother for posting the photo! While there was little disagreement over Kardashian’s physique being impressive, some felt her racy Instagram photos are no longer appropriate for a mother.

British website Daily Mail received nearly 3,200 comments when they posted the Instagram photo, but most of them involved Kardashian setting a bad example for her daughter, North. Other users called the reality star “nasty” and “disgusting” for her sexy selfie.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian shows us the naked truth in her latest Instagram pic.

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“Kim Kardashian has a kid now, her s*ut days should be well and truly over,” one commenter wrote. Another Twitter user tweeted in response: “You are a MOTHER now I don’t think posting pictures of your a*s on Instagram is appropriate.”

The reality star is crediting her rapid weight loss with going on a doctor-approved Atkin’s diet. “I’ve actually been doing the Atkins diet & luv it,” she recently tweeted. A representative for the diet said that Kardashian is “eating lots of lean proteins, healthy fats like nuts and avocado, carbs, fruits, veggies and cheese. She’s been doing Atkins since her doctor approved it at the end of June.”

Kim Kardashian Kim Karadshian also shared this white-hot swimsuit photo on Instagram taken before getting pregnant, but we think she looks even hotter after baby!

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Kardashian isn’t the only one focused on moving forward, though. Last Tuesday her ex-husband, NBA star Kris Humphries, auctioned off the engagement ring he once slipped on the reality star's finger. The 16.21-carat ring Kardashian flaunted during the engagement was sold at a Christie’s auction in New York for $620,000, which will go up to $749,000 with the auction organization’s markup. However, it’s a far cry from the ring’s reported original value of $2 million.

"Kim has been waiting for the day he would auction it," a source told Us Weekly in September. "Everyone always asked what Kim did with the ring — she silently gave it back over a year ago! And Kris waited until the divorce was final to sell it.” Humphries will reportedly donate a portion of the proceeds to an undetermined charity.