Like it or not, Kim Kardashian isn’t going anywhere. The reality star has now amassed 20 million followers on Twitter, making her the nineteenth most popular celebrity on the social media site. She has now surpassed One Direction member Harry Styles and has more than double the Twitter followers as her fiance, Kanye West. But despite the impressive number, Kardashian still has 30 million fewer followers than Justin Bieber.

Kardashian’s tweets aren’t particularly earth-shattering and mainly consist of selfies, but it appears to be enough to satisfy her army of Twitter fans. “OMG 20 MILLION FOLLOWERS! ARE U KIDDING ME!!!! THANK U SO MUCH!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!” she tweeted over the weekend. “XOXOX ALL I REALLY WANTED WAS 20MIL & A BAD B...” The last part of her tweet is a reference to a Kanye West lyric in Rick Ross song “Sanctified,” in which West raps “All I wanted was 100 million dollars and a bad b*itch.”

Kim Kardashian Tired of her blond locks, Kanye West's fiancee went back to brunette. Pictured at a news conference in Vienna on February 27, 2014, Kardashian had her natural color back.

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The reality star’s bank account is also growing just as rapidly as her Twitter following. The Kardashians reportedly signed a record breaking reality show contract last month for three more seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Their previous three-season, $40 million deal was already record breaking for reality television, but sources say their new deal will be even bigger than that.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian watches the Opera Ball in Vienna on February 27, 2014. The traditional ball is opened by the Austrian president and features a musical program with soloists and artists from the Vienna Philharmonic and State Ballet before debutantes lead into the festivities with a Strauss waltz.

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Sources who spilled the financial details to TMZ couldn’t say if the deal has been signed or is still in negotiation, but it’s clear that the show will definitely be coming back. Keeping Up With the Kardashians is currently shooting Season 10, but the new deal will take the show well beyond a Season 11. Insiders claim that E! was essentially willing to give the Kardashians whatever they wanted because “it is a HUGE show.”

However, one person who definitely won’t be coming back for Season 11 is Bruce Jenner. The former Olympian is contractually obligated to film Season 10, but is trying to limit his time as much as possible and is only on camera when it’s absolutely necessary. He is reportedly opting out of appearing on the show in the future and will seek a quieter life away from the glitz of Hollywood. Producers are reportedly sad to see him go, but aren’t too concerned because he was never a major character on the show.