Kim Kardashian is obsessed with perfecting her post-baby body and refuses to emerge from hiding until she reaches her goal weight of 115 pounds. According to sources, North West’s mom is still struggling with her body image after enduring months of criticism for her pregnancy weight gain.

Kardashian has already lost 30 pounds since giving birth to daughter Nori in June. It's typical for new moms to initially shed baby weight quickly, a side effect of breast feeding, but the weight loss is slowing down and Kardashian is becoming obsessed with her post-baby body. “The weight is not coming off as quickly. She plateaued. This is the hard part now,” a source said, adding that Kardashian has become her own worst critic.

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“She’s always complaining about her size. She says she hates looking this way and won’t go out again until she is skinnier,” a source close to boyfriend Kanye West added. Kardashian’s fixation with her weight loss likely stems from a constant barrage of scrutiny during her pregnancy, pushing the reality star to take extreme measures. North West’s mom has enlisted a trainer to come to Kris Jenner’s house for workouts, and is abiding by an extreme diet that she has prepared by a personal chef.

“She thinks it will take her at least another month and a half to get her where she wants to be,” an insider said, revealing Kardashian's goal weight of 115 pounds. “She said when she comes out and gets photographed for the first time, she wants to look hot, hot, hot,” another source noted, “[But] she’s extremely self-conscious about her current body.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Kanye West tries to boost Kim Kardashian's confidence, but North's mom is obsessed with perfecting her post-baby body.

Kardashian’s post-baby body obsession hasn’t been lost on Nori’s dad, Kanye West, who is trying to ease the transition as much as possible for the new mom. “Kanye tells her she’s beautiful. He wants to boost her confidence and goes out of his way so she doesn’t have to ask,” a source said. “But it wears Kanye out to hear her being down on herself.” While Kardashian is determined to stay out of the spotlight until she reaches her post-pregnancy goal weight, she was recently spotted leaving a hospital with her daughter in tow.

Kardashian wore a camouflaging ensemble that kept her famous curves almost completely hidden during the family outing. West’s girlfriend covered up in black leggings, a loose-fitting denim shirt and a sweater strategically tied around her dwindling waist. Although Kardashian’s ensemble was uncharacteristically low-key, she paired the casual outfit with an Hermés diaper bag retailed at $30,000.  

Daughter North has already inherited Kardashian and West’s extravagant taste, and is rumored to have a wardrobe that would rival red carpet royalty. “[North] already has an incredible wardrobe,” a source said. “She wears Roberto Cavalli and also has such beautiful jewelry – rubies, pearls, diamonds, everything.”