Kourtney Kardashian pregnancy rumors may have been confirmed with a baby bump picture that boyfriend Scott Disick posted on Instagram.

On Monday, Disick shared a photo of Kardashian’s stomach and what appeared to be a small baby bump, captioning the picture with a sweet message. “Looks like an angel,” Disick wrote alongside the suspicious Instagram pic. And while the image isn’t a definitive pregnancy picture, it certainly fuels speculation that Kardashian is expecting her third child with Disick.

Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian has been concealing a possible baby bump with loose clothing and high-waisted shorts, but this pic appears to show a tiny bun in the oven.

The reality star has been under a watchful eye as of late, frequently opting for concealing ensembles that have triggered pregnancy chatter. In addition to wearing high-waisted shorts with loose tops, Kardashian has also reportedly been staying away from alcohol and raw fish, two indicators that she may be expecting. Kardashian and Disick recently vacationed in Miami, where the mom of Mason and Penelope passed on boozy beverages despite the fact that she was at a Belvedere vodka event.

“They sat in the front row, and while other guests enjoyed their vodka cocktails, Kourtney didn’t drink, but Scott definitely did,” an insider said. “[Kourtney] didn’t drink during the whole trip.” Kardashian also skipped a toast at pal Larsa Pippen’s birthday dinner last month, although the rest of the table was celebrating. And although Kardashian has been spotted at sushi restaurants as of late, she has been opting for baby-safe treats.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick A third baby for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick makes sense now because they wanted to have another child soon after welcoming Penelope.

“Kourtney ate cooked gourmet rolls and a cooked dish,” a source said. “And when discussing the sushi rolls, Kourtney asked the waiter what was in them, [making sure] that it was cooked fish inside and not raw,” the insider explained. The timing of Kardashian’s third pregnancy couldn’t be better, given the fact that she finally ended year-long rumors that Disick wasn’t 3-year-old son Mason’s biological father. According to sources, Kardashian wanted to have a third baby soon after Penelope, lending further credibility to the recent pregnancy reports.

“Kourtney has that kind of glow she had with Mason and Penelope….They wanted to have one [a baby] right after Penelope,” an insider revealed. “I know Kourtney and Scott have been trying. So a baby now makes sense – it’s very easy to get pregnant after giving birth once, let alone twice.” Kardashian and Disick’s relationship is stronger than ever, and the couple has recently put a focus on keeping the romance alive despite their growing family.

“They’ve been spending more adult time together,” a source said of Kardashian and Disick. “And really reviving themselves as a young couple in love, going out and having fun. They’re almost religious about mommy and daddy time.”