Kris Jenner has landed the photo exclusive for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s newborn baby, North West. Jenner will have West on the final episode of her talk show, Kris, on Friday, and will also reveal a photo of baby North to the world. Kardashian and West originally discussed selling the pictures to a fancy gossip magazine and giving the proceeds to charity, but TMZ reports that they decided to give the photo to Jenner in order to help boost her sagging talk show ratings.

Jenner has been trying to hype up exclusive content of North ever since Kris first premiered six weeks ago. Before the initial episode, Jenner tweeted a photo of herself holding an infant, leading many to believe North would be revealed on the show. The Kardashian matriarch walked out with an infant at the end of the show, but handed it to his mother, who is her stylist, and said that her daughter would reveal North when she is ready.

Kris Jenner Kris Jenner at The Heart Truth's red dress fashion collection, February 2013. (Credit: Reuters)

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The North picture exclusive comes at a crucial time for Jenner, since Friday will mark the end of her talk show’s six-week trial run on Fox. The network will decide afterwards if they will give her a permanent time slot. Unfortunately for Jenner, her ratings have not been impressive and reviews for the show have been dismal. Unless the final episode pulls in drastically different numbers, it seems unlikely that Kris will be given the green light for a permanent run.

One of the major problems Jenner has had has been booking celebrities who aren’t part of the Kardashian clan. Many of her guests have been B-list celebrities at best. A source told Star magazine that numerous celebrities are “not even taking her calls…she is relying on her business partner, Ryan Seacrest, to pull in the celebrities, but even he seems to be striking out. Not many stars want to be associated with Kris or her show.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Kim Kardashian is obsessed with her post-baby body and wants to reach her goal weight of 115 pounds before she returns to the spotlight.

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Jenner has reportedly become so desperate for good publicity that she has even taken to bribing TV critics! After New York Post columnist Linda Stasi wrote that Jenner is a “spoiled, vacuous woman with nothing to say of any interest, importance or humor,” the talk show host sent Stasi cupcakes and a $325 sterling silver pen.

“Dear Linda, Sorry you didn’t like the show. I’m still a huge fan of your column. Love and blessings, Kris,” read the accompanying note. “P.S. When you think I’ve improved, maybe you will write a better REVIEW with this!”