​Will La La Land win the Oscar for Best Picture? It certainly looks like it!

Beating out 20th Century Women, Deadpool, Florence Foster Jenkins, and Sing Street,  La La Land faced a tight competition. But La La Land won the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy.

"This is so insane. I can't even tell you," one producer said. The idea of making an L.A. set musical was an "utter fantasy." He thanked everyone for embracing musicals and thanked those who helped them for "jumping off this cliff" and making this musical with them. Another producer also thanked those who worked them for reminding them to live with passion, "to dream more urgently, to live more fervently, and to love more deeply, and now more than ever to find music and cinema that enters our mind and our souls and our hearts and unites us."

La La Land 'La La Land' was the front-runner for Best Musical or Comedy.

La La Land, a movie about the relationship between a struggling actress and jazz pianist as they try to make their dreams come true in L.A., was the clear front-runner at the 2017 Golden Globes. La La Land wowed audiences and critics alike.

It was wonderfully shot, and with its amazing acting by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and its incredible musical numbers and choreography, La La Land never missed a beat. It was fresh and nostalgic at the same time, and had a great love story, but La La Land also showed the ugly side of falling in love while following your dreams in Hollywood, making it charming, fun and incredibly sad.

Florence Foster Jenkins, of course, told the story of singer and socialite Florence Foster Jenkins. Meryl Streep was incredible as the opera singer with a terrible voice. And with such a bizarre story to tell, there was never a dull moment during Florence Foster Jenkins.

Deadpool, meanwhile, was a hit among superhero and Marvel fans. It took Ryan Reynolds a long time to get the highly anticipated movie made. But once he finally did, fans were instantly obsessed. With a sarcastic, hilarious, vulgar protagonist, Deadpool put a new spin on the same superhero movies we’ve been seeing for years. And audiences loved the witty, darker character.

Florence Foster Jenkins Meryl Streep played Florence Foster Jenkins.

20th Century Women was a semi-autobiographical move about writer and director Mike Mills’ childhood. Set in the `70s in Santa Barbara, a woman named Dorothea asked other women for help raising her son Jamie. Critics particularly loved Annette Bening’s performance as Dorothea.

Finally, there was Sing Street. Like La La Land, Sing Street was a musical that looked back to the past. This time? The `80s. Sing Street was a cute movie about a boy named Conor who started a band to impress a girl named Raphina. It was a real coming of age story and was just a sweet, feel-good movie.

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