At the Critics Choice Awards last night Oprah Winfrey was asked how Lindsay Lohan's docu-series, Lindsay, was coming along and if it would be premiering as scheduled. Winfrey's response was less than enthusiastic: "You would know more. As far as I know we are — what do you know? There have been bumps, that's life. It's been bumpy, but as far as I know we are still filming."

Does this spell more trouble for Lohan? It sounds like Winfrey is ready to walk away from the series — especially if she doesn't seem to care enough to find out if Lohan is still filming.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan may have burned the only bridge she had left.

“This is just what everyone warned me would happen [working with her]. And it is,” Winfrey said in a clip from the show released to critics last week. This comes on the heels of news that Winfrey had been furious with Lohan for months because of how difficult she had been during filming. Supposedly the troubled actress had been kicking out the camera crew when they showed up to film, making it impossible for them to shoot the show. “My truth is, I really do want you to win … but if that isn’t what you want, I’m okay with that. I will tell these guys to pack up and leave today,” Winfrey levels with her in the clip. “I know this is my last shot at doing what I have to do,” Lohan responds. 

Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey has reportedly banned any further filming of Lindsay Lohan's parents, Michael and Dina, for LiLo's OWN Network reality show

In September sources claimed that Winfrey was so fed up with Lohan's behavior that she actually went to the actress' house to give her an ultimatum: she either had to stop making excuses and clean up her act or forgo her $2 million paycheck. But when Winfrey stopped by for their chat Lohan was reportedly was on her best behavior. But only for a little while.

Now it looks like there is big trouble brewing behind the scenes again. Winfrey was burned by Lohan. So it's not surprising that she would be upset. She took a chance on her when no one else would, despite the warnings of others. She also gave her a massive paycheck, something Lilo hasn't had in years. It sounds like Winfrey is fed up and might have passed the headache onto someone else. With the March 9 debut quickly approaching fans are wondering if Lindsay will be over before it even started.