Is Madonna’s family drama finally over? The singer had endured an estranged relationship for years with her brother, Martin Ciccone, but Madge has finally reunited with him after he recently celebrated being sober for one year. After struggling for decades with alcohol addiction, Ciccone is now working at a rehab center in Hollywood for alcoholics and drug addicts.

“We are good on terms and she’s helping me out,” Ciccone told Daily Mail about his famous sister Madonna. “She’s getting me some new teeth. I’m hoping to start doing voiceover work again for cartoons and video games and get back on my feet.” He also endorsed the 12-step program Alcoholics Anonymous and said he uses it in his current work to help people get sober.

Madonna Madonna's brother recently celebrated one year sober.

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The relationship between Madonna and Ciccone wasn’t always smooth sailing, though. In 1994, he released a rap album under the name MC Ciccone and made numerous digs at his sister. Madonna later paid for him to enter rehab in 1999, but he ended up back in treatment in 2003.

Madonna Madonna is still estranged from two of her other brothers.

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Madonna has seven siblings, but her relationship with two of her other brothers is also estranged. Anthony Ciccone has been homeless on the streets of Traverse City, Michigan, for the last three years, and was fired from the family vineyard after he repeatedly drank wine from the vats. “I never loved her in the first place. She never loved me,” said Anthony last March. “My father would be very happy if I died of hypothermia and then he wouldn’t have to worry about me anymore.” Martin called the interview “one-sided” and said he is reaching out to Anthony to help him get sober.

Her other brother, Christopher Ciccone, released a scathing tell-all book about Madonna in 2008 and accused her of being bossy, capricious and mean. Madge cut ties with him after he released the book, but he said last year they are back communicating each other. “As far as I’m concerned, we’re good,” he said. “We are in contact with each other, although I haven’t seen her for a long time. We’re back to being a brother and sister.”