Mama June Shannon's weight loss will be featured on Tuesday's episode of Botched. Before and after photos show just how much she has slimmed down over the past few yearsBut a new sneak peek shows that she also has other cosmetic issues she wants to deal with, specifically scar tissue from her four prior C-sections.

In the preview, June tells Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif that her doctor told her she should have had tummy tucks after giving birth to her kids. Both Terry and Paul were shocked by this statement.

"You would never do a tummy tuck on someone who just delivered a baby," Terry told the camera. "The uterus is very large and distended, and you could never get the muscles tightened over the uterus. So it's probably the worst time to ever consider a tummy tuck. It's never done." 


Mama June Before Mama June looked noticeably heavier in July 2013 (Photo: Splash News).

June then revealed how her doctor had a hard time with her most recent C-section because of all the scar tissue. She claimed the doctor ended up cutting open Honey Boo Boo's head twice during the delivery.

"In all my life I've never heard of a C-section where a scalpel goes too deep and actually slices into the baby's forehead or even touches a baby," Paul added. "How does that happen? What type of doctor did this?!"

Watch a preview of Mama June's Botched appearance.

Mama June's Botched appearance comes just days after she showed off the latest photo of her amazing weight loss. June previously lost around 100 pounds in 2013, though she said she hadn't even been trying to slim down. But since then she has taken her weight loss more seriously, and she dropped at least another 45 pounds.


"I met with this trainer [Natasha Fett] through my manager… Even though she’s 3,000 miles away, she’s still very supportive through everything," Mama June said in December. "I’m just walking through the neighborhood three miles a day, and just keeping up with that and just keeping up with the kids and just kind of being on the go all the time. I went from like a [size] 28 to a 16."

Mama June After Photo Twitter Last year, Mama June showed off her gorgeous transformation in her Twitter profile picture.

But Mama June may have gone too far with her weight loss. She was hospitalized in March after collapsing at home, and doctors thought her extreme diet was to blame. So they reportedly scheduled gastric sleeve surgery so she could drop the pounds in a healthier way.


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