Veteran Hollywood actress Sean Young wanted to be Catwoman so badly that in 1992 she donned a makeshift catsuit and barged onto the set of Batman Returns. Her attempt to land the part failed miserably. Michelle Pfeiffer ultimately snagged the gig while Young became somewhat of a joke in the movie business.

But looking back, comedian Margaret Cho respects Young’s ambitions and methods, which is why she recently uploaded a video of herself modeling her own shoddily-constructed catsuit. Her goal, however, had nothing to do with Batman and everything to do with ABC’s long-running daytime chat show, The View. Cho wants to be the show’s newest co-host.

Having just wrapped yet another guest-hosting stint on the Barbara Walters creation, and considering that Elisabeth Hasselbeck just left and Joy Behar is leaving in August, Cho might just have a chance.

“It’s a really important show for women and for political opinion,” Cho says. “They’re talking about a lot of real stuff and I would love to be engaged in those conversations. I think it’s great to talk to people so you could get a handle on what everyone else is thinking and put your own opinions across —  plus it’s a good opportunity to tell some jokes.”

But if ABC brass doesn’t enlist the liberal-minded Cho, it’s not like she’ll be begging for work. The one-woman media machine can be seen every Sunday night on Lifetime’s hit series Drop Dead Diva – now in its fifth season – where she plays legal assistant Teri Lee. Or, if you’re looking for a decidedly raunchier Cho, check out her Web show, In Transition, on YouTube, which centers around a trio of women just released from prison. Cho plays Tawny Kim, a semi-toothless ex-drug addict. For a more intimate, informal portrait, you can subscribe to her podcast Monsters of Talk.

“More than anything, though, I love doing stand-up,” she says. The 44-year-old just announced she’s taking her current 90-minute live show, Mother, across the U.S. and throughout Europe starting in August.

Margaret Cho Margaret Cho is on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva.

“A lot of the show is improvised, which is really fun for me. It’s very much in the moment. I talk about what’s going on in pop culture, news and politics. I’m trying to take advantage of the immediacy and electricity. It’s been an exciting show to do in the last few weeks with the overturn of DOMA.”

As a gay rights activist and a champion of all loving unions, the abolishment of the law that allowed states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriage is especially meaningful to Cho. The San Francisco native has long been in an open marriage to a man and identifies herself as “queer,” explaining that she’s attracted to men, women and transgendered people.

Are fans of The View ready for such a forward-thinking woman?

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