Could Miley Cyrus have the X Factor? With Demi Lovato leaving after this season, Simon Cowell is on the lookout for new judges. Why does Cowell want the “Wrecking Ball” singer for next year?

“I recently met Miley Cyrus, and I really liked her,” Cowell told Mashable. “She has an opinion for sure.” Cowell recently said that the show will be coming back despite lower ratings. "We'll be coming back in the U.S. next season, but my role on the show may change,” Cowell said.  “It might just be on one night a week. It could work well. [Two nights] is probably too much.”

One thing is for sure, that Lovato will be leaving after two seasons. "It's been an awesome experience, but I'm itching to go back to music,” Lovato told E! News. "I always thought with Demi it'd be a maximum of two years because she has the tour next year," Cowell said about his co-judge. "People leave and they come back, we're used to that on our show. So the door's open."

Demi Lovato Demi Lovato will not be returning to X Factor next season.

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Lovato is getting ready to go on her Neon Lights tour. The tour kicks off Feb. 9 in Vancouver. Lovato will be joined by girl groups Fifth Harmony and Little Mix.  "I think it's going to be so much fun,” Lovato said. “There's nothing better than woman empowerment and having an all-girls tour." Lovato also has a guest stint on Glee. "I think ultimately my main thing is singing," Lovato said. "Maybe movies once in a while, if the right role comes along." 

If X Factor lost Lovato to touring, Cowell may not be able to get Cyrus either. The singer is starting her Bangerz tour in Vancouver on Feb. 14. “dammmmmmmmmnnnnn just saw some of these #bangerztour2014 sketches” Cyrus tweeted@TheBlondsNY f---ing killllllllllllled ittttttt #justthebeginning

Simon Cowell Simon Cowell says X Factor is coming back next year despite low ratings.

People Cowell may be able to get for X Factor? His old judges and friends Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. “I would pick Paula and Randy from American Idol — they were my favorite judges because we had an incredible time together,” Cowell said about his “dream team” of judges. “It was never planned to be what it became, and it was really special.”

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