Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel’s recent duet of “Confrontation” reminded us how much we will miss How I Met Your Mother. The sitcom stars performed their version of the Les Miserables song during the HIMYM cast’s appearance on Inside The Actors Studio earlier this week.

The seeds of this Inside The Actors Studio “Confrontation” performance began way back in 2006. That year, the HIMYM cast appeared on The Megan Mullally Show (which is not even airing anymore). While there, Neil Patrick Harris revealed that he and Jason Segel originally bonded over their mutual love of Les Mis. When Harris told Mullally that the two actors often performed an “intense” duet of “Confrontation,” the studio audience (and Mullally) demanded to hear the song. Naturally, both of them obliged. This clip was so epic that it went viral six years later, months before the film version of Les Mis hit theaters.

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Watch Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel’s 2006 version of “Confrontation” below.

So when the HIMYM stars appeared on James Lipton’s Bravo series this week, one audience member asked Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel to reprise their Les Mis performance. This time, the two sounded better than ever, despite not having performed the song in a while. Segel at first did not even remember who sang which part, yet they both amazingly still remembered all of the lyrics.

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Watch Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel sing “Confrontation” on Inside The Actors Studio.

Still, it should come as no surprise that both Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel nailed “Confrontation” so many years later. Segel in particular has had practice over the years. He also performed the duet with Paul Rudd during a 2009 interview on ABC News Now.

Watch Jason Segel and Paul Rudd’s version of “Confrontation.”

Now all we need is to see Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel perform “Confrontation” on Broadway. After all, Les Miserables returned to the stage this month, and Harris even supported the cast in person on opening night. We already know that Harris and Segel have tons of chemistry, and both of them now have plenty of time on their hands. So make it happen, Les Mis producers!