Nick Cannon threw some serious shade at Kim Kardashian in a recent interview. The America’s Got Talent host was asked by Power 106 host Big Boy to name five celebrities he had slept with. Cannon named Kim Kardashian in his list, along with Mariah Carey (of course), Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Milian and Selita Ebanks. But while Nick Cannon said he was trying to list stars everyone knew he had sex with, Big Boy claimed he didn’t know that Cannon and Kardashian ever hooked up.

“You just forgot [about Kim Kardashian] because there have been a lot of people since me,” Nick Cannon replied. Indeed, Kim Kardashian has been linked to many men since she dated Nick Cannon in 2006. Most recently, she married and quickly divorced Kris Humphries and then got engaged to her baby daddy, Kanye West. She was also linked to Reggie Bush, The Game, and Gabriel Aubry, among others.

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Watch Nick Cannon diss Kim Kardashian in the video below.

Kardsahian’s list of ex-lovers also includes Ray J, with whom the reality star made her now-infamous sex tape. In fact, it is this video that supposedly led to Nick Cannon and Kim Kardashian’s breakup.

“We talked about this tape, and she told me there was no tape,” Cannon told Howard Stern in 2012. “If she might have been honest with me I might have tried to hold her down and be like ‘That was before me,’ because she is a great girl. She’s actually one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. But the fact that she lied and told me that there was no tape?”

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Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian has not yet responded to Nick Cannon's recent diss.

Indeed, despite Nick Cannon’s recent slam of Kim Kardashian, it seems there are no hard feelings between the exes. To make up for his harsh comment on Power 106, Cannon made sure to compliment the Kardashian Klan.

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“She's a great girl though,” Nick Cannon said of Kim Kardashian. “Her family are some of the most incredible people I ever met in my life.”

While Nick Cannon dissed Kim Kardashian in this interview, this might not be the only lady he had to apologize to.  Mariah Carey might not have been too pleased to hear about her husband’s past sexual exploits. So when Cannon bought his wife a huge diamond bracelet for her birthday this week, perhaps it was his way of making it up to her.