Will Nick Viall get engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi, Raven Gates or Corinne Olympios? That's what fans are asking now that it was leaked Rachel Lindsay will be the new Bachelorette.

The Bachelor began the day after an emotional Nick had told the women he wasn’t sure he could do the show anymore. The women were still blindsided by Nick’s shocking announcement. Nick ultimately had to have a heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison. He was worried the same thing that happened with Danielle Lombard would happen with the other women. He’d had the rug pulled out from under him before, so he couldn’t trust his emotions. Chris asked if Nick wanted to quit and walk away. Part of him did.


The Bachelor - Nick Viall and Danielle Lombard Will Nick Viall find love on 'The Bachelor'? After he sent home Danielle Lombard, Whitney Fransway and Jasmine Goode all in one week, Nick is worried that his fourth time on the show won't work out either.

Nick then went to see the women again in The Bachelor. He apologized for the night before. Sending Danielle L. home reminded him of his past and scared him. He’s been confident before and it didn’t work out. He questioned if it would all work out and if he should keep doing it.

He ultimately said he wanted to stay on The Bachelor though. As tough as the week was, he had amazing moments with the women. He sent Danielle L. home because he had such strong connections with them. He sees his future with them. Then Nick canceled the rose ceremony and announced they were all going Bimini. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.


The women found a Bachelor date card as soon as they arrived. Vanessa got a one-on-one date. And Corinne was pissed. “Wow,” she said. “You lucky b-tch.” Vanessa got her second one-on-one and Corinne never got a first one.

Will Nick Viall Find Love On The Bachelor? Will Nick Viall get engaged at the end of 'The Bachelor'? While spoilers say he finds love, fans are worried that he will soon be single again.

Nick and Vanessa hung out on a boat and talked about how tough the last week on The Bachelor was. The fact that Nick was so worried about it working out really scared Vanessa. Corinne also continued to complain about Vanessa to Rachel. She didn’t “see much depth to Vanessa.” She just talks about being a special needs teacher. How dare she!

But Vanessa was opening up on The Bachelor. She came on the show for him. She was scared he was going to make himself fall for someone because that’s what the show was about. She swore she wasn’t going anywhere though. They wound up exploring a shipwreck, which was really cool. Vanessa realized she was in love. She didn’t say it yet though.


Finally, the other women got the next date card on The Bachelor. Corinne, Kristina Schulman, and Raven got a group date. That meant Rachel and Danielle Maltby each got a one-on-one date. Corinne was so upset.

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During the evening portion of the date, Nick brought up the Hometown Dates next week on The Bachelor. Vanessa was really excited. She liked how easy things were between them. Then she said she hadn’t felt this way in years. She finally told him she was falling in love with him. Nick said he’d been in love before, but there was a greater love for him than what he’d had. He liked Vanessa a lot, but it was important for him to only say, “I love you” to one person. He wanted to take it slow. Vanessa was so hurt. She didn’t want to end up heartbroken like he did.

Kristina was really nervous about the group date. She didn’t want to share her boyfriend with two other girls. It was awkward. Raven and Corinne worried about who would get the group date rose and a spot in the Final Four on The Bachelor.


They went on a yacht on The Bachelor. “I’ve been on a boat bigger than this,” Corinne said. Corinne said they should take their clothes off, so they did. But Kristina was super uncomfortable. They all started getting jealous of the attention Nick paid the others. They made it to an island, and Nick promised nobody would be left there. They then got to swim with sharks. Kristina quit and Nick comforted her. But that really pissed Corinne off.

Kristina Schulman on 'The Bachelor' Kristina Schulman talked about her emotional past during her one-on-one date on 'The Bachelor.'

Nick asked to talk to Kristina first during the evening portion of their date on The Bachelor. He was worried their relationship wasn’t ready for the Hometown Dates. They, again, talked about Danielle L.’s elimination. He didn’t want to force things or let his emotions get the best of him. Nick got pretty emotional and started crying.

Corinne and Raven also talked about how nervous they were. Corinne was really freaking out. Raven wasn’t into the drama on The Bachelor though. She went to talk to Nick and asked if he was nervous about the Hometown Dates. Her parents’ relationship set a high bar. But she revealed her dad got sick. She lost interest in law school and moved back home. He’s better now though.


Back at the house, Danielle M. got her date card on The Bachelor. She was so excited for her one-on-one date.

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Corinne finally got to talk to Nick. She told him she was nervous since they hadn’t had a one-on-one date. She wanted to “lock Corinne in with Nick.” He said the two-on-one date was as official as a one-on-one date. And she made the most of her time. There was a cocktail party where she talked to him twice before he talked to other women. “Now Corinne is great again,” she said.

Finally Nick gave the group date rose to Raven. So she was the only one guaranteed to get a Hometown Date on The Bachelor. They left together, while Corinne and Kristina looked devastated. Nick and Raven then got to see Adam Friedman perform.


Corinne was still upset the next day on The Bachelor. She woke up crying. Danielle M., meanwhile, was on her way to her one-on-one date with Nick. They explored on some bikes and went shopping. They even played some basketball with some kids and danced. Danielle M. was on cloud nine.

Nick Viall and Danielle Maltby - The Bachelor Nick Viall and Danielle Maltby struggled to have a real conversation on 'The Bachelor.'

Unfortunately things went downhill from there on The Bachelor. They talked about the Hometown Dates. But their conversation just wasn’t flowing.

Finally Rachel got her date card on The Bachelor. She was very excited, but nervous for her one-on-one date. She was also happy to have the last date before the Hometown Dates.


Nick and Danielle M. talked about how fun and playful they were on The Bachelor. Nick talked about how great Danielle M. was then brought up the Hometown Dates. She hasn’t had anything too serious since her engagement. He died, so Danielle M. was scared to get that serious again. Still, she had to say how she was feeling. So Danielle M. told Nick that her heart was open to him and she wanted to take on anything with him.

“I care a lot about you and I’m really excited and that’s something I really wanted to feel,” she said. But she didn’t know how he felt. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel the same way. When he’s in love, he has this yearning for that person. And he doesn’t have that with her. “You’re just so great,” Nick said. “Not great enough,” she replied. So she had to go pack, say goodbye to the women, and leave. It was so emotional. 

Corinne Olympios - The Bachelor Corinne Olympios tried to hook up with Nick Viall on 'The Bachelor.'

So Corinne decided to take matters in her own hands on The Bachelor. In a shocking moment, she went to Nick’s hotel room and tried to hook up with him. She wanted him to know she was here for him. And she wanted her one-on-one time. Nick wanted to slow things down though. He didn’t want to repeat his mistakes, so he sent her back. Corinne was pretty mortified.

Corinne was “spinning out of control” on The Bachelor. Rachel, meanwhile, headed out for her one-on-one date. She and Nick went to get drinks at a place just for locals. They talked about Hometowns and the next few weeks. Nick was really nervous. Nick asked if he was like the other guys she’s dated. She’s dated other white guys, but she hasn’t brought home a white guy. The bartender even gave them some advice. And they got to sign the ceiling. Rachel came home absolutely beaming. And Corinne was freaking out. “I’m gonna be sick. I’m freaking out,” she said.


Nick then sat down with Chris and said he knew who he wanted to give roses to on The Bachelorette. He wanted to send the woman home as respectfully as possible, so he decided to eliminate her before the rose ceremony. So Nick went to see Kristina. Of course, this sparked speculation amongst the other women.

Corinne was having a complete meltdown. But Nick told Kristina that he had love for her, but he wasn’t in love with her. “You didn’t give me a fair chance,” she said. But he had stronger relationships. He didn’t want to drag her through weeks in the hopes that things could change. The other women were left wondering if there was still a rose ceremony.

Here were five of the most shocking moments from The Bachelor:

1. Nick Viall Didn’t Say He Was Falling In Love With Vanessa Grimaldi

Vanessa Grimaldi - The Bachelor Vanessa Grimaldi said she was falling in love with Nick Viall on 'The Bachelor.'

Vanessa Grimaldi got the first one-on-one date this week on The Bachelor. She realized she was falling in love with Nick Viall and was so excited to tell him during the evening portion of the date. But after she told him, Nick wouldn’t say it back. He wanted to wait to say it to one person so it would feel like the first time. Vanessa was so upset.

2. Danielle Maltby Went Home

Danielle Maltby sent home on The Bachelor Danielle Maltby was sent home on 'The Bachelor.'

Danielle Maltby also got a one-on-one date with Nick Viall on The Bachelor. They went bike riding and exploring. During the evening portion of the date, Danielle M. told Nick how open her heart was to him. But he didn’t feel the same way. So he sent her home. And she was devastated as she packed her stuff and said goodbye to the other women.

3. Corinne Olympios Tried To Hook Up With Nick Viall

Corinne Olympios, Nick Viall hookup the Bachelor Corinne Olympios wanted to hook up with Nick Viall on 'The Bachelor.'

Corinne Olympios was freaking out pretty much the whole week on The Bachelor. She desperately wanted the group date rose and wanted to take Nick Viall home to see her family. But Raven Gates got the rose. She even snuck to his hotel room and tried to hook up with him. Nick ultimately said that they should slow things down and that he didn’t want to make the same mistakes again. But Corinne got really insecure and upset.

4. Rachel Lindsay Got A One-On-One Date

Rachel Lindsay Gets The First Impression Rose! Rachel Lindsay is reportedly the first African-American woman to get to the final four.

Rachel Lindsay got the last one-on-one date with Nick Viall on The Bachelor. They had a great time having drinks and talking about the upcoming Hometown Dates. Rachel came home sure she’d get a rose at the rose ceremony. While it’s clear that Rachel’s a favorite, predictions say she won’t make it to the end. In fact, spoilers say she’s the next Bachelorette!

5. Kristina Schulman Got Eliminated

Kristina Schulman eliminated on The Bachelor Kristina Schulman was sent home on 'The Bachelor.'

Nick Viall told Chris Harrison that he knew who he wanted to keep and eliminate on The Bachelor. But he wanted to eliminate this person in private. So he pulled Kristina Schulman aside and sent her home. It was so emotional. And because he did it in such an unconventional way, the other women are freaking out about whether he’ll eliminate someone else.

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