Male fans quickly learned how beautiful Nina Agdal was when she posed in Sports Illustrated. But women weren't truly jealous until they heard she was dating Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine.

Though the relationship was short-lived — and the The Voice judge is now engaged to fellow model Behati Prinsloo — fans are no less obsessed with the exquisite supermodel. Recently Hollywood Take caught up with Agdal at the European Wax Center for Brow Powder launch in NYC, and the model confessed that women are always trying to figure out how she maintains her flawless figure.

“I feel like it’s more of a lifestyle,” Agdal told Hollywood Take. “I get that question a lot. Like what do you do to stay in shape? Do you work out more? It’s an everyday thing.”

“It’s about staying in shape. As a model, you can’t, like, just gain five pounds and show up,” Agdal admitted. “You always have to keep it as a thing you [constantly] do. You need to eat in a healthy way. I don’t feel like you need to be a model to do that, though. Everybody should take care of herself. It’s important. Not just for your looks, but for your health.”

nina agdal Nina Agdal at a Bebe event this week in NYC.

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So what does she do to maintain those sculpted abs and legs? “I go to the gym three to four days a week when I’m not traveling," she said. "I do 30 minutes of cardio then some weights or Pilates. I like to work with my own body weight.”

If Agdal is away, the Aerie model said she goes “for runs or if they have a gym I’ll go there." She mixes it up. "If there’s an Equinox there, I’ll go and take a class. In New York, I enjoy going to Barry’s Boot Camp. They kick your as*. The first time I went I was sore for a week after. But it makes you feel great. It works everything! You do both cardio and weights. So it’s awesome.”

Nina Agdal Nina Agdal is known for her fun Instagram pictures!

With all that exercise, can Agdal eat whatever she wants? Probably, but she tries not to indulge too much. “I try to do low carb,” Agdal told HT. “I think that’s the easiest thing. Not too many sugars, no white bread. And then eat a lot of greens and raw vegetables.”

And when she does finally indulge, she doesn't go for candy or cookies. “I love a juicy burger or a steak with some good sauce,” Agdal admitted. “I also love wine. All those bad things. They’re just so good!”