Olivia Wilde joined a list of A-List ladies who showed off their growing baby bumps on the Golden Globes red carpet. Jason Sudeikis’ beautiful fiancée glowed in Gucci at the 2014 award show.

Wilde announced in October 2013 that she was pregnant with her first child with Sudeikis. Earlier in 2013, Wilde had mentioned that her funnyman fiancé was the one she wanted to have children with. "He's so good with kids,” Wilde said. “I've never before experienced looking at someone and thinking, 'That's who I want to raise a child with.'"

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Engaged couple Olivia Wilde (in Gucci) and Jason Sudeikis made black look not so basic at the LACMA Art + Film Gala.

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Now Wilde is living her dream! The Her star even candidly revealed her due date on the red carpet. When host Ryan Seacrest asked when Wilde’s due date is, the hilarious actress answered, “May the fourth be with you,” referencing Star Wars and saying that’s how she remembers the important date! We can’t wait for May 4 now.

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Wilde wore a long-sleeved glittering green Gucci gown with Forvermark jewels for the Golden Globes and expressed that it was different dressing for the show now that she’s with child.

"It's different [because] I've never had boobs before!" Wilde exclaimed. Before the Golden Globes, Wilde joked on Twitter about the perils of being pregnant at an award show. “Hoping one of the GG organizers is also 6 mos preggo and in charge of placing a porta-a-potty on stage. #fingerscrossed #legscrossed” Wilde wrote.

Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde in green Gucci.

No word on when Wilde and Sudeikis will get married, however. The two got engaged last January. "He finally found the one that made him want to commit," a source told Us Weekly. "They've both been through it before and this has just felt right from the get go. Everyone is happy for them." Wilde and Sudeikis started dating in December 2011. "They've both been married,” a source said “so they've already experienced that and know what it entails.” And now it entails a baby!