Lindsay Lohan's reality show comeback will not be featuring her parents, Michael and Dina. Oprah Winfrey has banned the infamous pair from appearing on the OWN Network program, reportedly choosing instead to focus on Lindsay’s sobriety and attempts to revive her career. If Winfrey doesn’t get her way completely, Michael and Dina will only appear on the show in a very minimal role. The talk show star is concerned that Lohan's parents will cause drama and disrupt their daughter's progress, in addition to the general shooting of the show.

TMZ reports that Lohan and Michael were filmed together during three days of production, but it’s unclear whether any of that footage will be used. Dina has not been filmed yet and there are reportedly no plans to do so. Dina’s reported alcohol problem has resulted in a DUI arrest last month and even being banned from participating in Lohan’s treatment when she was rehab last summer, after she allegedly called in drunk for a phone session. The infamous momager also filmed a woozy, slurry interview last year on Dr. Phil, which led to her denying that she a drug or alcohol problem.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan is dating Matt Nordgren, a former NFL player and southern gentlemen who is reportedly a great influence on the now-sober actress.

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And it seems that just dealing with Lohan may be enough of a handful. Winfrey reportedly threatened to cancel the show and strip the actress of her $2 million paycheck after she allegedly was a no-show for several days of filming. Winfrey immediately took action by flying from Chicago to Long Island, where she had a showdown with The Canyons star and ordered her to clean up her act. She has reportedly been on good behavior since the ultimatum, but Winfrey is continuing to closely monitor the situation.

This isn’t the first time the OWN Network star has staged an intervention for Lohan, though. Lohan had booked a one-way ticket to Europe last month after completing her court-ordered rehab stint, but Winfrey urged her to cancel the trip because she feared the temptation to relapse would be too great. She reportedly called Lohan numerous times over a 24-hour period, after which the actress decided to focus on her sobriety.

Michael Lohan Michael Lohan said he has had enough of the Fashion Police star making fun of his family

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The reality show is seen by many as make-or-break for Lohan after her latest film, The Canyons, tanked at the box office. The movie scored a low 23 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and critics have slammed the film. New York Magazine called The Canyons “rank,” while Rolling Stone said it was “dead on arrival.”