Intricately crafted chignon? Keep looking. Heavily hairsprayed bun? There was hardly one in sight.

If you were looking for big impact hair during the 2015 Oscars you were out of luck. But there was something else that crept up in its place that was far more appealing: soft styles that worked with celebs' faces. Not against them.

"You need to know your face shape," one of New York's top stylists, Nunzio Saviano, told Hollywood Take. "If your face requires volume on top, then work with that. Everything we see today is textured. It's not smooth. That's what makes it modern."

Alicia Vikander Alicia Vikander's Louis Vuitton gown was anything but simple. But her hairstyle was soft and natural (photo: WireImage).

From Alicia Vikander to Brie Larson, Jennifer Lawrence to Kate Winslet, this year's Oscar nominees followed suit. Loose waves and soft volume ruled the red carpet. Whether or not there was hairspray you never saw it.

"There are great products today that will give you waves and texture," Saviano said. "Powder sprays don't make your hair stiff. They give you hold and shine."

But effortless hair is a lot harder to achieve than it looks. Planning for your big day? Think ahead. It's hard to fix hair that has been neglected for six months to a year.

Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence's crop top and thigh-high slit made an instant statement at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar party. Yet her hairstyle was simple enough to let the fashion take center stage (photo: PG / Splash News).

Saviano's think-ahead tips? 1. Start taking hair vitamins. 2. Don't shampoo too often. 3. Get trims frequently.

"Go into your stylist for a dusting," Saviano suggested. "Literally, just take off whatever is needed."

But what happens if you follow the rules and your hair still isn't thick or long a month before your event? Consider hair extensions — and make sure they are made from real hair. Saviano said clip-ons are easy and last for years.

"Even if you let your hair grow you can still use them," Saviano explained. "You can keep clip-ons forever. And they give you options for updos and texture."

Kate Winslet Kate Winslet's Ralph Lauren dress was a timeless classic. But her muted makeup and soft waves gave the gown a modern spin (photo: PD/ SMX / Splash News).

Whether short or long, your hair should never feel stiff or smooth. "You need to play around and see what's best suited to your face shape. But nothing should feel too tight."

Nunzio Saviano has worked with countless celebrities, including Angelica Huston, Brooke Shields, Megan Hilty, Emme, T Kelli O’Hara and Elisabeth Röhm. He has also produced memorable hairstyles for numerous publications, including Surface, Oyster and LA Confidential and various looks at New York Fashion Week.

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