It looks like Paris Jackson will remain at UCLA Medical Center until further notice. The daughter of Michael Jackson was rejected by a top rehab facility in Utah due to fear of the paparazzi onslaught that could occur with her arrival. UCLA also refuses to send Jackson home, believing that she is still a danger to herself and fearing that she will potentially end her own life without medical treatment.

Sources tell TMZ that Jackson’s biological mother, Debbie Rowe, is unhappy with the supposed lack of proper treatment that her daughter is receiving. Jackson is reportedly stuck in a wing that treats patients with eating disorders, despite the fact she does not suffer from one. Rowe is reportedly calling the situation “a real tragedy” and telling friends that “the girl needs help.”

Paris Jackson Paris Jackson's Tumblr is filled with alarming, gruesome photos.

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Rowe researched adolescent rehab facilities for Jackson and found a location in Utah that they both believed to be ideal. However, the facility rejected treating Jackson because they feared a rush of paparazzi that would not only take pictures of Jackson, but also threaten the privacy of other patients at the facility.

However, Jackson has remained free of social media since entering treatment at UCLA. Several people close to her believed her Internet activity was a major cause of her depression and suicidal tendencies: Jackson was reportedly a victim of cyberbullying on Facebook, which she reacted to on her Tumblr account with graphic images of death, cutting and suicide. One post included a photo of a girl cutting into her arm with scissors and the caption, “I f*cking hate myself,” while another photo featured a disturbing image with the caption, “I can’t feel anything about sadness."

She also used a Twitter account that contained depressing lyrics to songs by artists including The Beatles and Nirvana. Tweeting on the day of her suicide attempt, she quoted lines from The Beatles song “Yesterday” and wrote “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they’re here to stay.”

Paris Jackson New details are still coming about Paris Jackson's alleged suicide attempt.

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Her family has attempted to delete her Facebook page for fear that her depression will resurface if she uses social media again, but have been unsuccessful in doing so. Facebook’s company policy says that users over the age of 13 have the right to decide whether or not their accounts get deleted.

Police were called about Jackson’s suicide attempt on June 5. It was initially believed to be an overdose, but police later found several marks on her wrist and it was later confirmed that she had tried to cut herself with a meat cleaver. Jackson reportedly had previous tendencies of cutting and other suicidal behavior.