Parks and Recreation’s cast may look different next season if the rumors swirling around about the NBC show are true. So, are Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe really leaving Parks and Rec? Unfortunately, they are. Why will Pawnee look different?

"The news about Rob and Rashida is true,” executive producer Mike Schur said in a statement. “They will be leaving the show after the 13th episode of the upcoming season six.”

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“We've been working on their storyline (on and off) for four seasons now, and, heading into this year, with the two of them contemplating parenthood, it felt like a natural time to move them into the next phase." Whoa! That is big news for Parks and Recreation. Nobody said exactly why the two actors may be leaving the show, although Lowe is known for exiting series (The West Wing, Brothers and Sisters) at their peak.

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"We absolutely love both Rashida and Rob, and will be sad to see them go. Rashida was one of the very first people we knew we wanted in the cast, and as important as Ann is to Leslie (and vice-versa), she'll certainly never be far from Pawnee," Schur said. "Rob we initially thought we could only have for six or eight episodes, and we couldn't be happier that he will have stuck around for 75. They are wonderful, funny, committed actors. They've been a huge part of the Parks and Rec family, and we think we have a great Pawnee send-off in the works for them."

Last season of Parks and Rec ended with Ann and Chris deciding to have a baby together. Buzzfeed reports that their departure will most likely coincide with sweeps week. Lowe and Jones reps had no comment as of last night. The season premiere of Parks and Recreation airs September 26 on NBC.