Peta Murgatroyd’s body looks incredible! Looking at her slimmed-down physique, it’s hard to believe that her baby boy is less than 3 months old.

Maks Chmerkovskiy’s soon-to-be wife had to work extremely hard to get her body back in time for tonight’s Dancing With The Stars premiere. But judging by all the weight loss photos Peta has been posting on her Instagram account all that hard work has paid off. She looks hotter than ever.


Peta Murgatroyd Weight Loss "Losing the weight I gained during pregnancy will take time and hard work, but bring it on! #FamAndGlam #PostBabyBody" Peta Murgatroyd wrote on Instagram.

The DWTS pro has been opening up about how she lost the weight. And she has been giving some of her diet and exercise secrets. Just recently, Peta took to her website to talk about her journey to lose weight.

Peta said there’s so much pressure to get your body back, but most women have to work, take care of a family, and lose weight without the personal trainers and nutritionists celebs have.


For her, though, it was important to stay fit and healthy while pregnant. “As a lifelong dancer, I’ve always been active and health-conscious. I love the feeling of dripping with sweat from a session on the treadmill or the burn that comes after dance rehearsal. [I guess I’m crazy like that.] So it was important for me to eat well and work out as much as I was able while pregnant with Shai,” she wrote. She was told she’d gain 25 - 30 pounds, but she gained nearly 40.

Peta Murgatroyd Weight Loss "Finding time to cook with a newborn can be tough, but I'm definitely learning my way around the kitchen. #BabyChmerkovskiy #Foodie #Cooking #Parenting" Peta Murgatroyd wrote on Instagram.

Peta revealed that she doesn't think anyone should have a set time for dropping the pounds. She’s just “listening to my body,” maintaining a healthy diet, concentrating on Shai, and isn’t giving into the pressure.

She and Maks did tell Us that they were training for DWTS together. Maks even turned their basement into a studio and brought in some instructors from his Dance With Me studios. “I just pawned her off to them,” he said. “I was like, I’m not going to be the guy telling her what to do after she just gave birth!’” Peta also did running and weight training and hopes to lose the rest of the weight on DWTS.


For the most part, though, it’s about being as healthy as possible. “If you are determined to lose that baby weight, what the important thing to do is check with your doctor to make sure you’re not doing anything too strenuous or damaging,” Peta wrote. “Beyond that, listen to your body, set realistic goals and remember to love yourself even when there are setbacks.”

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