Pharrell Williams rocked two very different styles at the 2014 Academy Awards. But which did you like better: the hat or the shorts?

The singer first made a stir on the Oscars red carpet by wearing tuxedo shorts. At least this gave us a chance to admire his gorgeous legs. But his Academy Awards fashion choice did not come without risk. Per E! Online, the singer was startled when something brushed against his bare skin during an interview.

"That scared me so much," Pharrell Williams said while wearing his Oscars shorts. "Something dropped on my leg and I almost jumped over there."

Pharrell Williams Oscar Hat Pharrell Williams sported his now famous large hat during his performance of "Happy" at the 2014 Oscars (Photo: Reuters).

Thankfully, it was just another star’s dress that brushed against Pharrell’s leg. But perhaps he learned his lesson from this shocking experience. When Pharrell stepped on stage for his Oscars performance of “Happy” from Despicable Me 2, the shorts were nowhere to be found. But he did go back to an old accessory.

That’s right, Pharrell Williams once again sported his famous giant hat. The singer first debuted the look at the 2014 Grammys in January.

Watch Pharrell Williams perform “Happy” with his signature hat.

Of course, Pharrell’s hat became an instant Internet meme after the Grammys, inspiring references to everything from Smokey the Bear to Harry Potter’s sorting hat. The @PharrellHat Twitter account now has more than 21,000 followers.

Not to be outdone, some bright Twitter user quickly started using the handle @PharrellShorts. But this handle still has a long way to go to catch @PharrellHat. @Pharrellshorts currently has just 33 followers.

Pharrell Williams Grammys Pharrell Williams auctioned off this hat that he wore at the 2014 Grammys (Photo: Reuters).

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Pharrell Williams brought out his signature hat at the Oscars once again. For starters, it clearly brought him good luck at the Grammys. The singer/producer won four awards at the ceremony, and his collaboration with Daft Punk on “Get Lucky” won Record of the Year.

Plus, Pharrell Williams has shown a good sense of humor about his hat becoming a viral sensation. He even got involved in a fake Twitter war with Arby’s, which accused the singer of stealing its signature look.

But careful users may not that Pharrell Williams sported a different color hat during his 2014 Oscars performance. That’s because the producer auctioned off his Grammys headwear to benefit the charity From One Hand to AnOTHER. It ultimately sold for more than $44,000. No word on whether Pharrell will similarly put his Oscars red carpet shorts up for auction.