Today’s funeral for actor Philip Seymour Hoffman will be a small and intimate affair that celebrates the legacy of his life, not the tragedy of his loss. Released funeral details reveal it will be a morning service held at the St. Ignatius of Loyola Church in NYC. The funeral will be limited only to family and close friends out of respect for his three children so they have a calm space to appropriately grieve Hoffman’s death. A wake for Hoffman was held yesterday at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home on Madison Avenue. However, it’s still unclear whether Westboro Baptist Church will picket the funeral or burial afterwards.

The controversial church sent out several tweets just hours after Hoffman’s death which said they were planning to picket the funeral of Hoffman. “Another 1 bites the dust. Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead #Time2StopTeachingSinYet #picketfuneral #ServeGodandLive,” they tweeted. The Westboro Baptist Church also made reference to Hoffman’s portrayal of Father Flynn in Doubt, later tweeting that “today Philip Seymour Hoffman knows God hates raping priests, such as he portrayed in Doubt. Should’ve said that when he had the platform.” However, the funeral is not currently on the church’s picket schedule.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his NYC apartment on Feb. 2. A drug overdose has been blamed for the horrific death. He was 46.

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Investigators found Hoffman, 46, dead in his NYC apartment last Sunday with a syringe in his arm. Law enforcement sources claim that “he was shooting up in the bathroom.” Hoffman developed a serious drug addiction after graduating college, but went to rehab and had remained sober for 23 years. He relapsed in 2012 and completed a 10-day detox last May, admitting that he had been abusing pills for over a year and had begun using heroin for about a week before seeking treatment.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Philip Seymour Hoffman won an Oscar for his gripping portrait of the journalist Truman Capote.

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In the aftermath of his death, several celebrities in recovery from drug addiction have also spoken out. Demi Lovato took to Twitter and said that his overdose death is a clear indication that addiction is a “serious and deadly disease,” while also slamming Hollywood’s portrayal of drug use. “It’s very rare when people can actually predict their addiction and even then, you never known when too much is going to take their life or take a bad batch of whatever it is they’re using,” she said. “It’s time people start really taking action about what they’re singing/rapping about...drugs are not something to glamorize in pop music or film or to portray as harmless or recreational fun. It’s not cute, ‘cool’ or admirable.”

Desperate Housewives actor Shawn Pyfrom also revealed for the first time that he had sought help for a drug and alcohol addiction, but was now five months sober. “I just read the news about Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman, and against the advise of others; I had to write this open letter. I can’t stay quiet anymore about this… I am an alcoholic and a drug addict,” he wrote on his blog. “And yesterday I celebrated five months of sobriety. I’m relatively new to being sober, considering the scope of time that I’ve been an addict. But within that scope, this is also the longest I’ve been sober; since I began using.”