2016 was a devastating year for celebrity deaths. From Prince to David Bowie, Carrie Fisher to George Michael, there were countless losses this year.

Here's a look back at 15 stars who were gone too soon:

1. Prince

Prince Prince died from an accidental overdose in April (Photo: MediaPunch / AKM-GSI).

Prince died in April at age 57. Days after struggling with influenza and calling in a doctor for addiction medicine and pain management, Prince was found unresponsive in his elevator. He was later pronounced dead from an accidental overdose of fentanyl.

2. Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman Alan Rickman died from pancreatic cancer.

69-year-old Alan Rickman died in January. He was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer after he had a stroke in August 2015. However, he only told his closest friends and family about his diagnosis. Rickman, of course, was best known as Severus Snape in Harry Potter. But some fans remember him for his role in Die Hard.

3. David Bowie

David Bowie David Bowie passed away from liver cancer.

David Bowie, known for his music, acting and constant reinvention, died in January just two days after his 69th birthday ad the release of his album Blackstar. He had been diagnosed with liver cancer 18 months earlier, but he didn’t make his diagnosis public.

4. Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher Carrie Fisher passed away four days after going into cardiac arrest on a plane.

60-year-old Carrie Fisher died this week after suffering from cardiac arrest on a plane four days earlier. She was best known for her work on Star Wars, other movies like When Harry Met Sally her writing and work as a script fixer, and her mental health advocacy.

5. Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds Debbie Reynolds passed away just one day after her daughter.

Just one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher died, Debbie Reynolds was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. She died in the hospital at 84 years old later that day. She’s best known for movies like Singin’ in the Rain.

6. George Michael

George Michael George Michael's cause of death was inconclusive.

53-year-old Wham singer George Michael’s partner Fadi Fawaz found Michael dead in his home on Christmas morning. While his manager Michael Lippman said that Michael died from heart failure, the post-mortem found Michael’s cause of death to be inconclusive.

7. Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson Florence Henderson died at 82 from heart failure.

Florence Henderson, best known for her role as Carole Brady on The Brady Bunch, was America’s TV mom. She passed away in November at 82 years old from heart failure.

8. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali passed away from Septic shock.

Iconic boxer and political activist Muhammad Ali died at 74 years old in June. He had been hospitalized with a respiratory illness, but his condition got worse and he passed away from septic shock the next day.

9. Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder 83-year-old Gene Wilder died from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.

Gene Wilder delighted children everywhere with Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. He was also known for his collaboration with Mel Brooks. He died at 83 in August from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. He hadn’t revealed his diagnosis to the public.

10. Alan Thicke

Alan Thicke Alan Thicke died after he collapsed while playing hockey with his son.

Alan Thicke, best known as the father Jason Seaver on Growing Pains, died earlier this month at 69 years old. He had collapsed while he was playing hockey with his son Carter. He later died at the hospital of type-A aortic dissection.

11. Garry Shandling

Garry Shandling Garry Shandling died at 66 years old from a blood clot in his heart.

Garry Shandling died at 66 years old in March. He suddenly collapsed in his home and was rushed to the hospital. The coroner recently revealed that he died of a blood clot in his heart after deep vein thrombosis in his legs. He was best known for the It’s Garry Shandling’s Show and The Larry Sanders Show.

12. Patty Duke

Patty Duke 69-year-old Patty Duke died of Sepsis in March.

Patty Duke passed away at 69 in March. She died of sepsis from a ruptured intestine. Duke was best known for her work in The Miracle Worker, The Patty Duke Show, Valley of the Dolls, and her mental health advocacy.

13. Garry Marshall

Garry Marshall Garry Marshall died from pneumonia at 81.

Garry Marshall was an actor, director, writer, and comedian. He was best known for creating Happy Days and directing movies like Pretty Woman. He died at 81 years old in July from complications of pneumonia after suffering from a stroke.

14. Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor Zsa Zsa Gabor died just before her 100th birthday.

99-year-old Za Zsa Gabor died of cardiac arrest less than two months before her 100th birthday. She was known for her stage work, her work on movies like Moulin Rouge, and her Hollywood lifestyle.

15. Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen died at 82 years old in September.

Singer, songwriter, musician, and writer Leonard Cohen passed away at 82 years old in September. He suffered from cancer and fell at his home and later died in his sleep. He’s best known for songs like “Hallelujah.”

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