How will Rick Grimes defeat Negan and the Saviors? And will Ezekiel and the Kingdom join them?

The TWD mid-season premiere started with Father Gabriel reading and keeping watch over Alexandria. Eventually he went back home. But in a shocking moment, he stole all of this food, weapons, and supplies, and loaded up a car and drove away. Why?


Father Gabriel Stole on 'The Walking Dead' Father Gabriel stole on 'The Walking Dead.'

Rick and the gang were still at the Hilltop on TWD. Gregory refused to work with them on the war. He was super-slimy and didn't want to take a side. He just wanted to be comfortable. He said they had to leave the back way. Just then Enid asked them to go outside. A bunch of people from the Hilltop wanted to fight. They asked Maggie to show them the way. But is it enough? “I think it’s time I introduced you to Ezekiel. King Ezekiel,” Jesus said. “King?” Rick replied. Oh yes.

So Jesus took Rick and the gang to the Kingdom on The Walking Dead. They met Richard and some other knight. Richard made them leave their car and hand over their guns before he let brought them to have an audience with the King. Richard warned Jesus that they couldn’t start another protection pact or trade. They needed to start dealing with the Saviors. Luckily, that’s what they were planning.


When they got inside, they saw Morgan was there! He didn’t tell them about Carol though. He admitted she was shot, but he killed the shooter. But he said she left on TWD.

Ezekiel - The Walking Dead Will Ezekiel and Rick team up on 'The Walking Dead'?

Finally, Rick and the gang met Ezekiel and Shiva on The Walking Dead. And their reactions were hilarious. Rick explained Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom all had something in common: They all served the Saviors. Alexandria fought them and won, but they didn’t realize there were more. The Saviors rule through violence and fear. Ezekiel said that his deal with the Saviors was a secret and he was pissed Jesus told Rick about it. But Jesus wanted him to hear Rick’s plans.

He wants the Kingdom to join them in the fight for freedom. They told Ezekiel – and Morgan – about what happened with the Saviors especially to Abraham, Glenn, Olivia, Spencer, and Eugene. The Saviors were out of control. They needed the numbers to fight back. Richard was totally on board. Ezekiel asked Morgan’s opinion. “People will die,” he said. He wanted to find another way, like capturing Negan.

Ezekiel said he had to think. Rick told him a story his mother told him. There was a road, with a rock in it. People would avoid it, but horses would break their legs on it and die, people would lose their goods, and more. A girl’s family lost their beer, which was their last chance. So she cried. But then she wondered why the rock was still there for it to hurt someone else. She dug at it until her hands bled and pulled it out. And then she found a bag of gold in it. The King put the rock there because he knew the person who did something about it deserved a reward. Ezekiel said he’d deliver his decree in the morning.


Benjamin ran into Carol in the woods on The Walking Dead. He was training and trying to step up. So she gave him some advice. And she told him not to wonder around alone in the woods. Benjamin said Ezekiel would keep checking on her and needed to know she was OK. “He looks out for the people that he cares about,” he said. He offered her food and water. He carried extra for those who needed it. They have to help each other.

Carol and Ezekiel - The Walking Dead Will Carol and Ezekiel get together on 'The Walking Dead'?

That night, Benjamin overheard Ezekiel quoting Martin Luther King Jr. to someone on TWD. He talked about his training in the woods and admitted he saw Carol. “Oh. Did she seem well? Did you talk to her?” Ezekiel asked nonchalantly. Benjamin said he carries food and water for the same reason they should help Rick. They were going to fight with or without their help. If they didn’t help, they’d lose. If they did somehow win, they’d save them without them doing anything. Ezekiel said he was proud of him.

The next morning, Ezekiel told Rick he’d wanted to expand his Kingdom on TWD. But people died when he sent them into battle against the Walkers when he didn’t have to. He had to worry about his people. “You call yourself a King. You sure as hell don’t act like one,” Daryl said. Ezekiel said everything came a cost though. The peace they had with the Saviors is uneasy, but it is peace. He needed to try to keep that peace. He did offer Daryl asylum since the Saviors didn’t come to the Kingdom. “How long do you think that’s gonna last?” Daryl asked.


Sasha told Rosita she knew Ezekiel would say no, but she was still pissed. Rosita didn’t know why she was telling her. “We had sex with the same dead guy. It doesn’t make us friends,” she said. Richard, meanwhile, was pissed. The more food and arms they gave the Saviors, they stronger they got on TWD. Rick then forced Daryl to stay. It was so emotional.

Daryl vs Negan 'The Walking Dead' Will Daryl continue to fight against Negan on 'The Walking Dead'?

Jesus had taken a radio so they could hear Negan and the Saviors on TWD. As they drove away from the Kingdom, they overheard Negan giving a eulogy for Fat Joey. He also sent out a search party for Daryl. They had to stop and Michonne noticed a booby trap for a Walker herd on the road. They wanted to disarm it and take the explosives and get home before the Saviors came to Alexandria looking and before the Walkers came.

Rosita seemed to know what she was doing. So they took the explosives. Rosita said not to take one because she didn’t like the way it looked, but it looked like she hid it. Rick sent Rosita, Tara and Carl to move some cars and Jesus and Sasha back to the Hilltop while he and Michonne worked. But the Walkers kept getting closer. Eventually Rick and Michonne drove two cars connected by barbed wire through part of the herd. It was insane.

They fought through some Walkers and finally made it back to the rest of the group. They drove away and blew up the rest of the herd. “We’re here. You can smile. We made it. We can make it. We can,” Michonne said. “We’re the ones who live.”


Finally Rick and the gang came back on The Walking Dead. That’s exactly when the Saviors showed up looking for Daryl. They completely trashed the place while they searched. The Saviors didn’t find Daryl, but they did notice their lack of food. They left after threatening to kill Daryl if he showed up.

Who Will Die On The Second Half Of Season 7 Of 'The Walking Dead'? Who will die in the second half of 'The Walking Dead' Season 7? That's what fans are wondering as Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and the rest of the gang prepare for war against Negan on 'TWD.'

Rick was pissed about the pantry. Gabriel had disappeared, the pantry was cleared out, and the car was gone on TWD. Did he steal their stuff and run? “That’s not Gabriel,” Rick said. Rosita wasn’t convinced.

Rick found the Bible that Gabriel was reading on TWD. Why would he leave it? He also found a notebook. Gabriel wrote “Boat” on it. How did he know Rick and Aaron were out there? It’s unclear, but they were going to find out. Eric was pretty upset that Aaron was leaving. He was suspicious about Rick and the others going to war with the Saviors. “I want us alive,” Eric said. “Both of us.”


Still, Aaron went with Rick and the others to search for Gabriel on TWD. Rick found footprints. And they followed the tracks. Suddenly, though, they heard a noise and were surrounded by a bunch of people. And Rick smiled! So will answers be revealed about who they are and what they want?

Here are five questions we need answered on TWD:

1. Will Ezekiel Change His Mind?

Will Ezekiel change his mind on The Walking Dead? Will Ezekiel change his mind about going to war on 'The Walking Dead'?

Ezekiel refused to go to war against Negan and the Saviors with Rick on The Walking Dead. He wants to keep the peace and secret deal he has with the Saviors and keep his people safe. Spoilers from the comics say, though, that Ezekiel and the Kingdom do go to war. And many of Ezekiel’s followers who know what’s going on do want to go to war. So will King Ezekiel change his mind?

2. Will Maggie Take Over The Hilltop?

Will Maggie Lead the Hilltop on 'The Walking Dead'? Will Maggie lead the Hilltop?

The Walking Dead mid-season premiere showed Gregory being as smarmy as usual and refusing to fight with Rick and the gang against Negan and the Saviors. The problem? A lot of people do want to fight against Negan. And they’re looking to Maggie for guidance. So will Maggie take over the Hilltop from Gregory like she did in the comics?

3. Will The Saviors Find Daryl?

Negan took Daryl on 'The Walking Dead' Negan took Daryl on 'The Walking Dead.'

Negan and the Saviors found out that Daryl escaped on The Walking Dead. So they went to Alexandria to search. Of course, they didn’t find him there. He’s staying in the Kingdom because Ezekiel said the Saviors don’t go inside. But as Daryl said, that might not last forever. So will they find Daryl? And what will happen if they find out another community is helping him?

4. Where Did Gabriel Go?

Where did Gabriel go on 'The Walking Dead'? Where did Gabriel go on 'The Walking Dead'?

The Walking Dead mid-season premiere began with Gabriel raiding the Alexandria Safe-Zone’s pantry and making a run for it. Rick and the gang later found out he left. While they thought he deserted them at first, Rick knew he was in trouble and they left to search for him. He even left a clue! So where did he go and why? Spoilers say the person spying on Alexandria forced him to do it. So who is this person?

5. Who’s Surrounding Rick?

Who's Surrounding Rick On 'The Walking Dead'? Is Rick Grimes in trouble on 'The Walking Dead'?

The Walking Dead mid-season finale ended on a shocking cliffhanger. Rick and the gang were searching for Gabriel when a huge group of people carrying weapons surrounded them. Spoilers say they’re the Garbage Pail Kids and that the spy is one of them. But what, exactly, do they want? Will Rick and the gang be able to get out unharmed? And why is Rick smiling about it?

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