Is Rickie Fowler dating Lauren Barr? The Bachelor Season 20 contestant abruptly walked off the show this week. And fans are now wondering if she dumped Ben Higgins for the professional golfer.

Rickie and Lauren reportedly both attended Oklahoma State University, though it's unclear if they were at the school at the same time. Either way, Lauren and Rickie were close even before she appeared on Bachelor. Just days before filming began, she posted the photo below with a heart emoji caption.


But Lauren Barr left Rickie Fowler and her other loved ones behind to take part in Bachelor Season 20. Just two episodes in, the 23-year-old realized the show wasn't for her and walked away from the rose ceremony.

Watch Lauren Barr' exit from The Bachelor.

"So thankful for such an amazing opportunity," Lauren Barr wrote on Instagram after her exit. "I went for the right reasons & left for the right reasons."

Ben Higgins, meanwhile, was sad to see "LB" go. "Maybe it's that unlovable insecurity rising up again, but I could see in her eyes that she didn't think this was right for her," he wrote on his People blog. "And while I understood where she was coming from (remember, I was in her exact same shoes just a few months ago), I really wish she would've been able to give it a little bit more of a chance."


After Lauren Barr's exit from The Bachelor, it didn't take long for her to reconnect with Rickie Fowler. Back in November, the rumored couple attended an Oklahoma State game together. And now that it's been confirmed that Lauren Barr isn't dating Ben Higgins, Bachelor fans are wondering if she really left the show to start a romance with the golfer.

Rickie Fowler Lauren Barr Instagram Lauren Barr hung out with Rickie Fowler just days before leaving for 'The Bachelor' taping.

So who is Rickie Fowler? The 27-year-old California native is one of the top golfers on the PGA Tour. He made over $5.7 million in competitions last year and finished fourth in the PGA's playoff system, the FedEx Cup. Back in 2014, he made history as the third golfer in the modern era to finish in the top five in all four major tournaments (though he didn't win any of them). So far this season, he is the No. 5 player in the world.


Most recently, Rickie Fowler was linked to a gorgeous model named Alexis Randock. But she hasn't appeared on his Instagram account since July, and rumors have swirled that they broke up four months ago.

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