Is Rihanna dating Drake or getting back together with Chris Brown? While the “Pour It Up” singer has spent time with the rapper in recent weeks, her ex may be trying to woo her back.

According to Page Six, Chris Brown has been texting Rihanna after completing his anger management rehab. Now, those close to her are reportedly worried that the on-again, off-again lovers could get back together.

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“Chris started texting Rihanna on her birthday [Feb. 20], and the two have been sending each other a flurry of texts ever since,” a source said. “Rihanna didn’t write back right away . . . but later that night she started getting sentimental and texted back, ‘thank you,’ and asked how he was. Since then, the two haven’t stopped texting each other and friends are freaked out that she’s going to start dating him again.”

Chris Brown Chris Brown recently completed a stint in anger management rehab (Photo: Getty Images).

We understand why Rihanna’s friends are worried. After all, Chris Brown famously assaulted Rihanna before the 2009 Grammys, and he has continued to face legal troubles since then. In October, he was arrested for felony assault after allegedly punching a man outside of a hotel. He entered anger management rehab in November, only to allegedly get thrown out after two weeks. He then got put back in rehab before graduating from the anger management program earlier this month.

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But is Chris Brown really trying to get back together with Rihanna? Both of these singers may actually be dating other people. Brown is reportedly still with Karreuche Tran, but a source told Hollywood Life that he doesn’t want to make their relationship official just yet.

“In Chris’ eyes, they have a solid relationship and bond that’s tight,” a source said. “He likes it and he wants to keep things between them just the way they are. He just got out of rehab. Don’t expect him to all of a sudden now wife Karrueche up. He’s well aware that she wants a commitment from him, but he’s not ready for all that, and she’s cool with that.”

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  Drake Drake and Rihanna shared a sexy duet during the former's concert this week, fueling rumors that they are dating once again (Photo: Reuters).

And Rihanna may be back together with another ex, Drake. Earlier this week, the two hung out at a Paris nightclub, fueling rumors that they were dating once again. The two certainly looked like a couple at his concert the following night, where they sexily performed their duet “Take Care.”

Watch video of Rihanna and Drake sparking dating rumors at his concert Tuesday night.

Still, Drake told Rolling Stone earlier this month that he and Rihanna are just friends. In fact, he claimed he is not dating anyone at the moment. But considering the way the exes acted on stage Tuesday night, we would not be shocked to hear that Drake and Rihanna were back together.

"She's the ultimate fantasy,” Drake told the magazine. “I mean, I think about it. Like, 'Man, that would be good.' We have fun together, she's cool and s--t. But we're just friends. That's my dog for life.”