Paula Patton's reaction to her split from husband Robin Thicke seems to be a whole lot calmer than his. Stepping out for the first time on Mar. 2 to attend the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, Patton looked sexy, sophisticated and downright ecstatic.

Her thigh-high yellow Lorena Sarbu dress was an ideal choice for her first outing without Thicke. The bright huge was upbeat, the high hem showed off her killer legs, and yet the lace and high neckline said "she's still a good girl."

Paula Patton Robin Thicke has made it clear he wants to win Paula Patton back, and if you saw her in the flirty yellow Lorena Sarbu dress at the Independent Spirit Awards it's easy to see why. The 38-year-old actress turned up the heat in a vibrant mini, Christian Louboutin shoes and Anito Ko jewelry. With those legs, Patton won't be single for long! Reese Witherspoon When Reese Witherspoon stepped out in a sunny Nina Ricci dress after her split from Ryan Phillippe fans instantly knew Witherspoon would be fine - with or without a husband.

We couldn't help remembering the yellow Nina Ricci dress Reese Witherspoon wore at the Golden Globes right after her split from Ryan Phillipe. It was also spot-on. She looked sexy and sophisticated, and the dress became the talk of the night. We wouldn't be surprised if Patton's rep remembered the Nina Ricci dress, too.

Whether it was a show or not, Thicke's wife seems to be handling the recent breakup extremely well. If you haven't heard, he's not.

Patton has been busy shooting her new film, Warcraft. And it seems like throwing herself into work is helping. Meanwhile, Thicke has been on full-time fathering duties with their 3-year-old son, Julian. He has reportedly had a very different reaction to the separation.

The singer, who has been in the spotlight since his racy VMA performance with Miley Cyrus in August, just declared his love to Patton on stage during a concert. When he stepped on stage at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia, on Thursday night, the singer dedicated his performance of "Lost Without U" to Patton.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Were Robin Thicke's bad-boy ways the reason for his split with Paula Patton?

"For those of you who don't know, my wife and I got separated a few days ago," Thicke told the crowd. "But I want everybody here to know: I'm trying to get my girl back." Fans couldn't decide if the declaration of love was the most romantic thing they'd ever heard or the craziest. But it certainly got everyone's attention.

High-school sweethearts, Thicke and Patton announced on Monday that after eight years of marriage they decided to separate. Though divorce has not yet been mentioned, it seems to some insiders that the "Blurred Lines" singer has been acting inappropriately for some time.

At this point, it's no secret that Thicke grinded and twerked with Miley Cyrus on stage. At the time a number of Thicke's fans were surprised by the racy moves. But those paled in comparison to tales of infidelity. Just recently, Thicke was spotted with a mystery woman at a Paris nightclub. Reportedly on the dance floor for hours at the French club Club 79, Thicke very much seemed like a single man.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton When Paula Patton and Robin Thicke hit the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala on January 25, 2014 they looked like they were very much in love.

Thicke has admitted he likes to party. In August he told reporters that he spent $500,000 on weed. “I do smoke, I do everything I’m not supposed to do. Weed is my crutch, my muse, the lesser of all evil.”

In October, Thicke boasted that the couple's sex life was better than ever, saying: "The spice is not our problem," the 36-year-old told Elle. "We're overspiced. We could probably take a few spices off the shelf."

Thicke also said Patton, 38, loved to play his music to get in the mood. "Yes. In fact, she likes to do it more than ever now. Sometimes she'll even play groupie for me."

But now "Blurred Lines" fans are questioning if being "overspiced" was part of the problem. Many people in the industry reportedly view Patton as a sweet woman who fell in love with Thicke when she was 14.

"I don't think people got it," he told BBC's Newsbeat, according to the Daily Mail. "I wrote [the song] about my wife … she's my good girl. And I know she wants it because we've been together for 20 years."

Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus Fans were a little shocked when Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus got as close as they did performing "Blurred Lines" on stage at the VMAs in August 2013.

Thicke admits they fought, but he says their tension was often fueled by their busy lifestyles. "We work in sensitive fields where people are talking about your height, your weight, your skin color, your talent, your Twitter followers. A lot of times, a fight is because you didn’t like the way the other person responded," Thicke told Elle magazine.

"You didn’t have time to help them properly. There are so many little things you can fight about when you’re in love."

"I’ve got a whole bunch of employees. I can’t bring my emotions around my work," Thicke continued. "You bring it home. Sometimes you take it out on the person you love the most."