Has Selena Gomez finally moved on from Justin Bieber? After some public flirting, Gomez and Union J singer George Shelley finally met up when the British boy band performed at Gomez’s Portugal concert. So, what happened between the two pop stars after that?

Reports say that Shelley, 20, spent the night with Gomez, 21, after the Stars Dance concert. According to these reports, Gomez had a private party after the show and invited the boy band back to her hotel. “She invited all the Union J boys and some other members of her entourage to her room and they had a great time drinking and dancing,” a source said. “Selena and George were all over each other and things got very heated.”

“Everyone else left the room at 2 a.m. so they were able to spend the night together,” the report continued. Shelley stayed so late he reportedly missed his flight back. "Nobody was annoyed with George. After all, he's been pursued by one of the biggest pop stars in the world,” a source added. “It's any lad's dream come true.”

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The rumored romance began earlier this summer when Gomez invited Shelley out via a video message. “Hey, George, it’s Selena. I was in London for a bit, and I’m bummed I missed you, so next time give me call,” Gomez said in the video message, which was shown on the CBBC show Friday Download.

George Shelley Is George Shelley showing off his love for Selena Gomez?

“Selena’s one of those massive celebrities who doesn’t even know you exist, so I was gob-smacked,” Shelley told The Mirror. “I thought it was a lookalike at first. I could feel my cheeks going red and the lads laughed at me.”

Even if Shelley and Gomez are getting close, there’s always her ex-boyfriend, Bieber, to worry about. Even though Bieber was seen with his own ex-girlfriend, Jacque Pyles, in Las Vegas, Gomez was apparently missing Bieber when overseas in Europe. "Selena is still not over Justin," a source said recently "Not even close. From what all her friends are saying, she's still majorly hung up on Justin."

Justin Bieber Justin Bieber posted this selfie after attending the Mayweather fight in Las Vegas.

"It's been a couple weeks, but she still wants to enjoy herself in Europe. She has some days off for travel but she is looking to experience some fun times while out there as well," a Gomez source said. "It will combat the homesickness feeling if she is having fun."

Especially if Gomez is having fun with a boy! Gomez’s next stop is Milan.