Selena Gomez may finally be over Justin Bieber. She had a huge smile at the 2016 American Music Awards, where she showed off her stunning weight loss. Stunning in scarlet, she flaunted her flawless figure in a custom Prada gown.

Gomez's surprise appearance came after rumors swirled that she would make her return to the spotlight at the AMAs. She had taken a break in August after suffering complications from lupus.


"As many of you know, around a year ago I revealed that I have lupus, an illness that can affect people in different ways," she said in a statement at the time. "I’ve discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges. I want to be proactive and focus on maintaining my health and happiness and have decided that the best way forward is to take some time off."

Selena Gomez AMAs Selena Gomez looked happier than ever on the AMAs red carpet (Photo: ITM / Splash News).

Gomez reportedly entered rehab in October to deal with these mental health problems. But now she has gone from broken to renewed.

“I think it’s safe to say that most of you know a lot of my life, whether I like it or not. I had to stop, ’cause I had everything and I was absolutely broken inside,” Gomez said when accepting an AMA tonight. “I kept it all together enough to where I would never let you down, but I kept it too much together to where I let myself down.”

“I don’t want to see your bodies on Instagram. I want to see what’s in here,” the brunette beauty said pointing to her heart. “I’m not trying to get validation, nor do I need it anymore.”

Selena Gomez Loves Justin Bieber Jelena Back Together Does Selena Gomez still love Justin Bieber? While she may still have feelings for him, she is doing her best to move on.

She also thanked her fans. “All I can say from the bottom of my heart is I am so grateful I have the opportunity to share what I love with people that I love, and I have to say thank you so much to my fans because you guys are so damn loyal and I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”


Reports say that Gomez has been distancing herself from Bieber over the past few months. She supposedly changed her phone number and her friends not to give the new digits to Bieber. There are also unconfirmed rumors that her family told Bieber not to contact her anymore.

"Selena lost it," a source told Us Weekly in September. "She can be fragile emotionally and Justin is a major factor."

Jelena Instagram Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have tried to move on from each other in recent months.

Thankfully for Gomez, Bieber isn't interested in a reunion anytime soon. After the mess with Selena Gomez, he's not looking for a serious relationship. He did briefly date Hailey Baldwin and Sofia Richie, but those flings ended quickly.


"These girls all go crazy for him, but he's not settling down," a source previously told People. "It's virtually impossible where he's at in his life and career for anything to last with these girls."

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