Will Simone Biles win Dancing With The Stars this season? Given the tough competition with Rashad Jennings and Heather Morris, the answer isn't clear. But one thing is certain: her former teammate Laurie Hernandez is rooting for her! 

“My advice would be to just embrace every moment because it goes by really, really fast,” Laurie told Hollywood Take at the Hispanicize 2017 luncheon sponsored by Crest and P&G's Orgullosa where she received the Latinovator Award.

The world-class athlete told us ballroom dancing might actually be harder than competing in the Olympics. “With gymnastics, you’re doing the same routine over and over again, and the pressure comes from doing it one more time,” she said. “Whereas on Dancing With the Stars your dance, your style of dance, your costumes and your heels change every single week."

Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy - DWTS Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy tied for first on the 'DWTS' premiere.

"You can’t even take the judges' feedback into the next week because you’re doing a different style of dance," Laurie continued. "But obviously [the Olympics and the show are] both very difficult.”

Knowing the stress of competing, Laurie is supporting Simone as much as possible. “We have both been very, very busy. But we’ve been messaging each other here and there,” she said. “And I watch her on the show. She is doing amazing!”

While Laurie is cheering for her pal, she also knows Simone has stiff competition. “I think Val [Chmerkovskiy] and Normani [Kordei] have a really good chance,” she said. “Being Val’s partner, I know he takes pride in what he does and pride in his partners. He will do his best to really teach his partners.”

Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy DWTS Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy danced to the 'DuckTales' theme.

“He won’t just teach steps," Laurie explained. "He will teach intentions of the merengue and tango, and he will inform you on all of the dances. That means a lot to someone who wants to learn how to ballroom dance. So I think he has a good chance, as well.”

Laurie and Val became friends during their season together, and they still keep in touch. “I actually texted Val to congratulate him on one dance because he looked amazing,” she said.

Laurie also said the Fab Five try to touch base with one another even though their schedules often keep them apart. “We are doing our best to keep in contact with each other,” she said. “We actually have a group chat in iMessage. We’re usually just chatting about girl stuff.”

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