The #SingForNicole Twitter hashtag has gone viral overnight. So what exactly is this viral social media movement?

#SingForNicole began thanks to Kelly Wilson, older sister of 15-year-old Nicole. Nicole Wilson had been excited to see her favorite band, One Direction, in concert for her birthday this August. But sadly, the Plano, Texas native died on Saturday from diabetes complications. Kelly then tweeted out a message to One Direction, asking the band to dedicate a song to Nicole during their upcoming Dallas concert.

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“@onedirection my sister was your biggest fan, she passed away the other night in her sleep due to complications of diabetes,” Kelly Wilson wrote on Instagram. “Ff diabetes.  my sister was your biggest fan, she passed away the other night in her sleep due to comlications or her bday we were supposed to attend the concert in Dallas. We had such amazing seats and she was so happy to be able to see yall. Can you all do something special for her at the concert. Her fave song was Story of My Life, and that will be playing in her funeral video. #SingforNicole.”

To prove her sister’s love of One Direction, Kelly Wilson also posted the below video showing Nicole’s reaction when she received tickets to the August concert.

“I thought it was just going to be Plano people retweeting it, and it’s national,” Kelly Wilson told WFAA about the #SingForNicole movement.

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Kelly Wilson just posted the #SingForNicole message late Monday night, and the movement has already gone viral. As of Tuesday morning, it was the top trending topic in the United States.

As of now, One Direction has not responded to this #SingForNicole Twitter trend. But if it continues to gain momentum, we have a feeling Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik and will do something to honor Nicole Wilson.

One Direction One Direction often pays tribute to deceased fans, so hopefully Nicole Wilson will be no exception.

After all, One Direction has paid tribute to deceased fans in the past. Just last month, the boys sent a letter and flowers to the funeral of 12-year-old Directioner Keane Wallis-Bennett, who died when a wall fell at her Edinburgh school.

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“It makes us extremely proud to have had a fan as special as Keane,” One Direction’s note read. “We have all been deeply saddened by what has happened. We understand that no words can console those who knew her. We are thinking of her [as] are all of you. We are honored to have brought her happiness in any way, she will be greatly missed. With all the love in the world. Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall.”

And in January, both Harry and Louis tweeted tributes to Directioner Magdalena Szablinska after she died at a bus stop near her school.