Is Snooki scary skinny? After losing so much post-baby weight, the Jersey Shore star’s slim frame has shocked some of her fans. Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, originally lost 42 pounds after giving birth to baby Lorenzo. “I lost the first 20 [pounds] in two months, just from breastfeeding," Snooki said. And now, the reality star has shed more.

"I work out in the gym seven days a week. I go with my trainer five days a week. I have a treadmill downstairs or I do crunches," Snooki told People at a Self Magazine event. "I try to do something at least once a day." 

snooki and jwoww "At SELF Mag party with my boo @jennijwowwmtv" Snooki wrote about her BFF JWoww

"It's a part of my life, being fit is [a priority]," Snooki continued. "First [it was] was partying, now it's my son and working out." So how did Snooki lose all the weight? Snooki’s trainer, Anthony Michael, revealed Snooki’s original fitness regime to iDesignTimes.

“Strength training was the main focus of Nicole's regiment because it is the most beneficial for long term and sustainable weight-loss," Michael said about Snooki. "Because of the muscle mass Nicole has acquired, she will not have any trouble keeping her new figure. Nicole would weight train with me three to four times a week and would get two additional cardio days in by doing Zumba or cardio-kickboxing."

Snooki Snooki has admitted she loves working out now!

So does Snooki think she’s lost too much weight? Not exactly. On her Twitter account, Snooki responded to the criticism.  “Everyone’s saying the ‘new fit me’ isn’t what I’m supposed to look like. I wasn’t always a fata**, kids. Get used to my fitlife, 'cause I love IT.” 

In April, Snooki opened up to Hollywood Life, telling the website that it's her healthy diet and exercise routine that is responsible for her slimmed down figure. “I go to the gym five days a week and I eat healthy. I eat chicken, I eat salads, I eat vegetables...I just eat healthy, and, one day a week, I have my ice cream and my chips. But then, the next day, I go even harder at the gym. So I still live life, but a healthier life.”

Even though Snooki looks great right now, don’t expect to see her in a wedding dress any time soon. The MTV star shot down reports of a wedding to fiancé Jionni LaValle. "I'm not getting married in January," Snooki tweeted on Wednesday. "Some rat is selling false stories about us...when we have a date, trust me, you'll know."