From Mouseketeer to Voice judge, Christina Aguilera's look has changed dramatically over the years. As often happens for celebrities who come of age in the public eye, Aguilera's image went from wholesome to sexy almost overnight. Tired of being seen as a bubblegum pop star, Aguilera morphed into a flesh-baring sex symbol. In 2001 Aguilera started showing lots of cleavage and bare midriffs. It was clear that she no longer wanted to be seen as a little girl.

Christina Aguilera Circa 2003 Christina Aguilera quickly turned into a sex symbol, dying her hair black and donning several new piercings. Here she is seen with fellow pop icons Britney Spears and Madonna.

After this phase Aguilera started to go for an edgier look, dying her hair black, getting multiple piercings, and a tattoo. She posed nude and semi-nude in a few photo shoots, most notably Rolling Stone where she wore nothing but a pair of boots and an electric guitar. When questioned about her new look, the singer claimed that that her new style better reflected her true personality than her previous image. Perhaps, being a few years into her 20s and feeling the security of her new relationship with Jordan Bratman gave Aguilera the courage to explore her own identity, both professionally and stylistically.

Christina Aguilera Circa 2006 Before Christina Aguilera's marriage to Jordan Bratman, the singer went back to her roots, dyeing her hair blonde and exuding a Marilyn Monroe vibe.

Shortly before her nuptials with Jordan Bratman, Aguilera went platinum blonde and was frequently seen in more fashionable clothes. These choice may have stemmed from getting in touch with her feminine side as she fell in love. Many of her less casual choices were reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, showing curves with an Old Hollywood flair.

Christina Aguilera Circa 2008 After Christina Aguilera gave birth to her son Max, she had difficulty losing the baby weight and concealed her frame with jeans, leggings and baggy shirts.

In 2008 Aguilera gave birth to her son, Max Liron Bratman, and took a year off to focus on her next album and film. During this time she was frequently photographed in jeans and T-shirts with oversized button-down shirts or sweaters. This style change reflected her new more casual life and a need to be more comfortable while chasing her son.

Christina Aguilera Circa 2010 Christina Aguilera experienced much turmoil in 2010, and expressed it through her goth-inspired makeover.

In 2010 Aguilera hit a very dark period in her life. She filed for divorce, her Bionic album and Burlesque film were not well-received, she flubbed the lyrics to the national anthem at the Super Bowl and was arrested for public intoxication with her new boyfriend Matt Rutler. During this time she spoke openly about her struggles with depression.

The media came down on her weight gain, which was likely related to her depression, divorce and possibly years of restrictive eating habits. During this time she was often photographed in black, which may have been reflective of her dark mood. Or she may have simply wanted to hide unwanted pounds.

Christina Aguilera Circa 2013 After joining 'The Voice' cast, Christina recreated her image once again, frequently opting for short dresses and cleavage bearing ensembles.

Since joining The Voice, Aguilera has experimented with differently looks but fairly consistently chooses to show some leg by wearing a dress or shorts. Most recently she showed up to the season finale slimmer and sporting a more natural look.

Her wavy blonde hair, subtle makeup, fitted skirt and cropped top portrayed a woman who has become comfortable in her own skin. Before, she looked like a woman in costume, donning layers and identities.

Women frequently figure out who they are — and become more comfortable in their own skin — during the third decade of life. And Aguilera appears to be no exception.