Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi burst onto the reality television scene in 2009. Her over-the-top personality was matched by her look — bright colors, loud prints, long black hair with a "bump-it", fake tan with extreme bronzer, and blue contact lenses. Her brassy nature and confrontational demeanor made her stand out from her Jersey Shore castmates from the beginning. When she confronted a bar patron who stole her drink, he punched her in the face and turned her into a celebrity.

Snooki's Style in 2010 Snooki wore short dresses and her black hair long and straight in 2010.

As the seasons went on, the only thing more out of control than Snooki's style choices were her partying ways. During the course of the show, Snooki was taken into custody by police more than once, most notably for disorderly conduct after drinking too much.

Snooki's Style in 2011 In 2011 Snooki experimented with glamorous makeup and accessories.

Around Season 4, Snooki got a spinoff show titled Snookie & JWoww. During this time, she experimented with softer hair with waves and, later,  red highlights. She glammed up her look with more eyeliner and sparkly nail polish choices.

Snooki's Style in 2012 Snooki's pregnancy style was a more modest version of her typically wild fashion choices.

But the biggest style change came with Snooki's pregnancy with boyfriend Jionni LaVelle's baby. During her pregnancy she went lighter on the tanning and appeared to cut back on the bronzer. Her dress became more conservative. While still enjoying animal prints and other bright colors, her style choices were less revealing.

Snooki's Style in 2013 After having baby Lorenzo Snooki chose more form-fitting outfits to highlight her body.

After giving birth to her son, Lorenzo Dominic LaVelle, Snooki showed off her dramatic weight loss. Her body change sparked more form-fitting outfits and more experimentation with her makeup. Typically, dramatic body image changes are accompanied by style changes overall.

Snooki, Jionni and Lorenzo Snooki's motherhood style is more laid-back and conservative.

A tiny lady with a big personality, Snooki has a strong love of animal prints, fake tans and long hair that is unlikely to go away anytime soon. She recently told Nightline that she identifies with things that are "tacky and gaudy" and associates those traits with her brand.

It seems that motherhood has been a grounding force for Snooki, though. And it will be interesting to see how her personality and style evolve with the maturity and wisdom that comes with age and motherhood.

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