Tamra Judge's before and after photos reveal a dramatic transformation. And the Real Housewives Of Orange County star is explaining why she felt it was important to discuss her plastic surgery.

Last Monday, Tamra appeared on Watch What Happens Live, where Andy Cohen noted that her face looked different. Tamra replied that she got a face and neck lift two weeks earlier.


"I call it a comeback," she said. "It’s just a mini. Don’t call it a facelift, call it a comeback!"

Watch Tamra Judge discuss her plastic surgery.

Tamra then clarified that her body building workouts caused her to lose so much fat that her skin was "drooping." So her doctor suggested she either gain back the body fat or get plastic surgery. And she chose the latter. "I’m not a big fan of the fillers, cause I feel like you look like a Cabbage Patch Kid, so I say, 'Pull it, don’t plump it,"' she continued.

Since then, Tamra has been even more open about her plastic surgery. She posted Instagram photos of herself right after the procedure.


"These pics were taking all within the first week," she captioned the photos. "Yes I was scared s**tless! But I've seen Dr. [Milind] Ambe's work on my Mom and knew I was in good hands. I wanted a very natural look and it's exactly what he's known for."

Tamra added that she had some "pain" and "bruising," and that she was still a bit "stiff" and "swollen." But she didn't regret coming forward about her plastic surgery.

Tamra Judge Plastic Surgery Tamra Judge posted photos documenting the immediate aftermath of her facelift.

"I'm open and honest about it because I want women to know that everyone gets old even people on TV and there is nothing wrong with growing old gracefully if that's what you want......  she concluded. "It's [ just] not for me."


In fact, Tamra doesn't understand why other celebrities are so reluctant to tell the truth "I'm just brutally honest, maybe sometimes to a fault. I’m not sure," she told Page Six. "I never understood people that kept it hush-hush … I think that for me I don’t want young girls or even older women to think, ‘Oh my God her skin looks so flawless and what is she doing?’ I just feel like being honest is always the best. I’ve gotten an overwhelming and crazy amount of response."

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