Taylor Swift is talking relationships in the new issue of Glamour UK. Swift has obviously dated her fair share of celebrities, including Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer, but despite the affairs sometimes ending badly, the “22” singer isn’t ruling out another public relationship.

"You can say, 'I'm never gonna date a high-profile person in the arts!' But whoever I date, famous or not, whether I ever date again,” Swift told the magazine, “all chaos will break loose. With fabrication and frantic obsession and who likes who more and who it ended. But right now is easy because I'm single and happy, and it's very relaxing."

Swift is still single despite romantic rumors involving her future Giver co-star, Brenton Thwaites. Swift also said that even though she’s single now, she certainly gives everything she has to relationships, no matter what annoying traits the other person may have. "Here's what I've learned about deal-breakers,” Swift said. “If you have enough natural chemistry with someone, you overlook every single thing that you said would break the deal."

Including cheating? Swift isn't so sure about that one. "I've seen my friends take someone back after they've cheated because they fit perfectly. But I don't know, because I've never had a perfect fit with someone."

Although Swift’s personal life is always in the press, the "Red" singer said that she tries not to pay attention to what online critics write about her. "I never read one hateful thing said about me by some 12 year old. So I got to live an actual life. And I've kept that mentality. Just because there's a hurricane going on around you doesn't mean you have to open the window and look at it. You can be obsessed with bad things people say and the good things. Either way, you're obsessed with yourself. And I'm not,” Swift revealed. “You can become unhinged so easily. Vanity can apply to both insecurity and egotism. So I distance myself, because I feel everything. The little I am exposed to hurts my feelings. The only things I can really control are my songs and my behavior. The rest? If I focused on it, that would lead to insanity."