Is Teen Mom fake? That’s what fans are asking after Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout claimed that the MTV show is scripted and staged.

Maci said that a lot of Teen Mom OG is scripted. She had to pretend to be surprised when her ex Ryan Edwards got engaged to Mackenzie Standifer even though she already knew about the engagement.


Leah Messer Jeremy Calvert Teen Mom 2 Jeremy Calvert threatened to divorce Leah Messer after he allegedly discovered her cheating on him with Robbie Kidd. Messer previously had an affair with Kidd shortly before her wedding to first husband Corey Simms. Messer is already struggling to co-parent twin daughters Ali and Aleeah with Simms, so things could get messy with Calvert if the married couple fights for custody of baby daughter, Adalynn.

“[Mackenzie] called me and told me, and Bentley was going to their house the next day. And she was super excited when she called me. She told me not to tell Bentley because they planned to tell him in person the next day,” she said. “It was a tough secret to keep because I wanted to be excited with him, but obviously, it wasn’t my place to tell him.”

Of course, Teen Mom OG told a different story. Instead, the show made it seem like Maci and Bentley found out together. They FaceTimed Ryan who said, “Hey guess what? Mackenzie and I are gonna get married!’ He added that Bentley would be his best man.


But this is far from the first time Teen Mom has been accused of staging things on the show. Maci was also previously accused of faking finding out she was pregnant. On the show, she took a pregnancy test at home with Taylor McKinney. But other sources claimed she found out at her doctor’s office.

Taylor And Maci Wedding Maci and Taylor's wedding is being filmed for MTV.

Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2 has also accused MTV of changing things on the show. Back in 2016, she slammed the show for unfairly editing her scenes. At one point, she was eating dinner with her ex Jeremy Calvert and talking about their marriage problems.

She told Jeremy she thought they shouldn’t have given up so easily, but he stayed silent. “I’m 99.9% sure those feelings were mutual. I could go into detail, but won’t,” she wrote. “Oh, how I love this fake a#% TV show. #SoOverIt.”


Leah also claimed that MTV edited her storyline in the Season 7 premiere. “It’s so sad how the person behind the editing can even live a happy life by editing to manipulate the audience watching,” she said. “It makes me feel like my life story isn’t enough.”

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