Tom D'Agostino continued to face cheating allegations on Wednesday's episode of Real Housewives Of New York City. Just weeks before the wedding, LuAnn de Lesseps' friend claimed Tom was still flirting with other women.

The episode began with Ramona Singer shopping with her daughter. And Ramona brought up her fight with Bethenny Frankel. Avery noted that the two of them had been friends for a long time. So she suggested that Ramona talk to Bethenny about what happened.


Ramona replied that she tried to do that last week. But when she described the conversation, Avery understood why Bethenny had walked away in disgust. She told Ramona that someone needs to step up and make thing less awkward between them.

But that would be hard, because Bethenny was still exasperated with her former friend. "I just have enough reasons now, and enough history, to say  'This doesn't work.'" she said of Ramona.

Bethenny And Ramona Fight Bethenny and Ramona avoided each other at the charity party.

Later that evening, Ramona and Sonja Morgan met Tinsley Mortimer for drinks at a club. And Tinsley asked Ramona for dating advice. Then the trio scouted out some cute guys. Tinsley flirted with a guy named Chad, and Ramona jumped right into the conversation. But Sonja feared that Tinsley was wasting her time with such a younger man. Sonja felt that if Tinsley wanted to settle down and get married, she had to date guys who were more mature.


So Sonja got Chad to admit that he was in his 20s. But Tinsley, who is 41, said she didn't care. When Sonja and Ramona left, Tinsley stuck around to be with Chad. Soon she was making out with the 23-year-old. But the next morning, Tinsley admitted they didn't actually sleep together. And Sonja said she was fine with Tinsley having fun with Chad, as long as it wasn't a long-term thing.

Watch Tinsley flirt with a younger guy on RHONY.

Meanwhile, Bethenny prepared for a breakfast supporting the nonprofit Dress for Success.  And her boyfriend, Dennis Shields, was at her side.  Bethenny explained that she had known Dennis for years through his then-wife. She never thought of him as anything more than a friend. But when Dennis got divorced, he revealed he had feelings for Bethenny, and Bethenny appreciated the "romantic" gesture.

During the breakfast, Bethenny announced the launch of her charity B Strong. She teamed up with Dress for Success to start the organization dedicated to helping women in crisis. And she got emotional talking about the way her divorce drama inspired her to start the charity.


Carole Radziwill had her own relationship drama on this week's RHONY.  She went rock climbing with her boyfriend, Adam Kenworthy, which reminded her that he is much more into fitness than she is. But she did appreciate that he got her out of her comfort zone.

During the outing, Carole told one of her friends about her living situation. Adam had planned to move out of their apartment, but the owner of the place he was going to rent decided not to sell. So Carole and Adam were still living together, which Carole didn't seem happy about. Still, she maintained that she had no plans to break up with him.

Carole And Adam RHONY Carole wasn't happy that Adam was still living with her.

As Carole faced questions about her love life, Tinsley's was heating up. She went out on a bowling date with cute Chad from the club. Tinsley admitted he was young for her, and that she wanted to find an older man to settle down with eventually. But she was having fun with Chad and feeling like a teenager again.

Ramona spent the evening at a club with some other friends. And one of them, Missy, also dated Tom. Missy revealed that she thought she was dating Tom exclusively until she walked in on Tom and LuAnn kissing. It was another red flag for Ramona, who thought LuAnn was "putting her head in the sand" and ignoring all the rumors about Tom.


LuAnn, however, was moving full steam ahead with her wedding planning. And she said that the other Housewives had grown to accept their relationship.

But Bethenny hadn't actually met Tom yet. That changed at a charity auction Dorinda Medley put together.

Dorinda And LuAnn Instagram Dorinda put together a charity auction before the holidays.

"Whether or not Tom banged the entire kickline of the Rockettes is irrelevant now because homegirl’s going down the aisle," Bethenny admitted. "However, I uncovered him cheating. Their relationship is honestly their business. I got involved one time which will be the last time. But it’s awkward!"

LuAnn, however, appeared to have forgiven Bethenny for getting involved. The countess appreciated Bethenny standing up for her last week when Ramona revealed she was taking bets about whether the wedding would happen.

As LuAnn and Bethenny chatted, Tom came over to join them. Bethenny introduced herself and apologized for causing any drama. And Tom quickly changed the subject.

Watch Bethenny meet Tom on RHONY.

"I think it’s a nice gesture for Bethenny to say she’s sorry about what happened," LuAnn said. "And I think Tom was the perfect gentleman and just kind of brushed it aside."

Still, not everyone was sold on LuAnn and Tom's wedding. LuAnn's friend Barbara told Carole that LuAnn felt she had "something to prove" with the wedding. Barbara claimed LuAnn would rather "go through with [the wedding] and get divorced than call it off."

Watch Carole hear more red flags about Tom.

Barbara also alleged that Tom was still hooking up with other women at the Regency. She apparently told LuAnn this, but the countess was still moving forward with the wedding.

"I don't think she's blind to the stories that she hears about Tom," Carole concluded. "LuAnn is the great pretender. And she's never going to let us see her falter."

Barbara later claimed Bravo had recorded the conversation without permission and asked to be removed from the episode. But a judge ruled in the network's favor, so both Barbara's image and voice appeared in the ep.

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