True Blood is almost at the series finale, and we're on the edge of our seats. Sookie's life and love were on the line in “Love is to Die” this week, and it was hard to watch as she and Bill struggled with their differing views on life and death.

Eric really did everything he could for Sookie, even getting her to talk to Bill after he decided to die saying: “I care about very few people in this world. A small handful of vampires, and you,” but he might not be able to save her by the end of the series.

Bill decided not to take the cure, at least for now. Eric completely understood once Bill explained it and said he’d get Sookie to hear him out, but it was all too melodramatic. Can’t he just take the cure and be happy? There’s still time for him to change his mind, though.

Sookie and Bill on 'True Blood' Sookie and Bill's end was devastating.

Sookie didn’t take decision well before hearing his reasoning, but Jessica really couldn’t understand why he would do that. She asked Bill to release her and ran to Hoyt to tell him everything. Needless to say, things between Hoyt and Brigitte are over. But did anybody really care about that?

Arlene, meanwhile, opened up her restaurant even though there weren’t really any customers, and she and Keith were doing well. “We’re taking it real slow, because we can’t have sex, because it’ll kill him if we did, but yeah, I kind of like him,” she said. Plus, we got to see Lafayette with James, who made up with Jessica.

The best part of the episode? Ginger finally got to have sex with Eric. After waiting and waiting, it finally happened. And it was hilarious.

“Love is to Die” was really about tying up loose ends and saying goodbye before the big series finale. We said goodbye to Sam, who decided to go to Chicago with Nicole. Now all that’s left is to find out what happens with Sookie, Bill and Eric because at the end of the day that’s who we really care about. Here are five important moments from True Blood’s “Love is to Die.”

1. Bill Chose The True Death

Sookie and Bill on 'True Blood' As Sookie struggled to find a cure for Hep V on True Blood's episode 'Almost Home', Bill spent much time wallowing about their relationship this season.

“Love is to Die” started right where last week’s episode left off: with Bill deciding not to take the cure and to choose the true death saying “I have accepted my fate” and “I am making a choice. I’m choosing the true death” leaving Sookie and Jessica heartbroken.

Eric later went to Bill to try to convince him to live for Sookie, but Bill explained how he’s bad for Sookie and how “it’s her light that pulls us in just as she is pulled to our darkness.” He told Eric about his dream where Sookie “gave birth to death” and Eric suddenly understood Bill's reasoning, even if we didn’t. So Bill asked Eric to talk to Sookie and get her to listen to him. “I’m over 1,000 years old Bill. If I had an aptitude for marriage counseling don’t you think I’d know that by now?” he asked.

In the end Eric decided to talk to Sookie for Bill because he really does care for her. He convinced Sookie to talk to Bill and even flew her home, but unfortunately didn’t come inside. We would have loved for them to be together again, too, but this season is really focused on Sookie and Bill. The very end of “Love is to Die” showed Bill knocking on Sookie’s door. Will he make her — and us — understand his decision? Or will they end up together in the end?

2. Sam Said Goodbye

Sam Says Goodbye on 'True Blood' Sam said goodbye on 'True Blood', but this time we didn't have to deal with an agonizing death.

“Love is to Die” saw one big goodbye, and one of the only ones that didn’t end in death. Sam decided to leave with Nicole. He left Sookie a touching letter saying that he loved Nicole and wanted to see his child grow up, though he didn’t think the people in Bon Temps were crazy, they were resilient. He also said that this wasn’t really goodbye and that Sookie should visit.

He left a note for Andy, too, which Sookie assumed would be just as heartwarming. But all it said was that he resigned as mayor. This was a really fitting way to say goodbye to Sam, who we’ve known since the beginning. Bon Temps was his home and his family, but he’s moving on to bigger and better things, and he finally found what he was looking for.

3. Jessica And Hoyt Got Back Together

Jessica and Hoyt Reunite on 'True Blood' Jessica and Hoyt finally reunited on 'True Blood'.

Jessica ran to Hoyt’s house to tell him the truth about them and, after Brigitte gave him an ultimatum, Hoyt went to listen to her. She told him everything that had happened between them. Brigitte, meanwhile, called Jason, who showed up only to be knocked out by Hoyt. Hoyt and Jessica then got back together after Jessica explained how she was young and immature before. We had been waiting for them to get back together ever since Hoyt came back to Bon Temps. It just felt right. They really do belong together.

Jason and Brigitte went back to Jason’s house, and Jason had a shocking moment of his own. He swore not to have sex. He told Brigitte all about what happened with him, Jessica, and Hoyt and said: “You just happened to have picked the guy who had met the girl he was supposed to be with, he just don’t remember her … Hoyt and Jessica belong together.” Then Brigitte told him she was going to “teach you how not to have sex with someone,” and they lay in bed and talked. Brigette told Jason that Hoyt was wrong about him and that “there’s nothing inside of you that’s missing,” and Jason revealed that he wants kids, unlike Hoyt.

4. Ginger And Eric Had Sex

Ginger on 'True Blood' Ginger and Eric finally had sex on 'True Blood'.

The best scene by far was Ginger and Eric’s scene together. We didn’t realize how much we wanted this to happen until it actually happened, and it was perfect. It started out with Ginger being mad at Eric for not telling her that he was cured. “I have spent my entire night flying around dealing with other people’s relationship problems. Now does that sound like me to you?” he asked.

“No. So if you’re feeling a little jilted that you weren’t the first person I came running to when I got cured, I apologize,” he sarcastically said, but he had a change of heart “And I would like to make it up to you by f-cking you. Did you not hear me Ginger? You and I are finally gonna f-ck,” he said.

And they did, and it was incredible. Ginger got everything she wanted. They had sex on the throne, after Eric bit her and explained that he’s now immune to Hep V, which is apparently a thing. She was so into it, and it lasted all of two seconds before she melted onto the floor. “Are you gonna be OK?” Eric asked. It was hilarious and everything we could have wished for. It was a much-needed moment of comic relief during the episode. It was definitely worth the wait.

5. Mr. Gus Jr. Found Out About Sookie

Mr. Gus on 'True Blood' Mr. Gus constantly scares us.

Of course, the episode couldn’t end on a high note. They needed to build up the tension, and they certainly did that. Mr. Gus Jr. is coming for Sookie. While Eric was out fixing things for Bill and Sookie, Pam was busy dying Sarah Newlin’s hair. “I’m taking you back to blonde,” she said. But at some point Mr. Gus Jr. came back.

Eric came to the basement to find Pam in a very precarious position. She was chained up with silver with a stake ready to drop on her. Mr. Gus Jr. had three strings to cut before she died and wanted to know if Sookie knew about the cure. It took Eric until the last string to say “she knows” and Mr. Gus Jr. asked for her address.

Sure Sookie’s in trouble again, but we’re really glad that Eric saved Pam. He loves her. Now Mr. Gus Jr. is coming to get Sookie. Will she survive the episode? What will happen to Bill? Will Eric find a way to save her?

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