Things are starting to heat up during Season 6 of True Blood, and we’re not just referring to the reappearance of the Fellowship of the Sun. Although, we do have to admit that Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) looked pretty hot during True Blood’s episode “You’re No Good” as she antagonized her vampire ex-husband Reverend Steve in a tight pink dress with big Southern-style hair.

But Sarah isn’t the only blonde bombshell taking life by the reins — or should we say by the bra straps? Sookie has had her fair share of supernatural love, but this time the country vixen is taking on another mystical creature: one of her own kind! During the Season 6, Episode 4 promo for True Blood, we see Sookie strip down to her tasteful lingerie in front of another faerie halfling, Ben. The brunette stud entered the True Blood series at a suspicious time.

‘True Blood’ Season 6, Episode 4 Will Sookie and halfling Ben hookup during "True Blood" Season 6, Episode 4 "At Last"?

Apparently Lilith’s progeny Warlow is on the hunt for Sookie and her tasty blood. Ben, Jason and their faerie royal grandfather Niall have all said they would help protect the Merlotte’s waitress from being drained. Unfortunately we don’t trust Ben as far as we can throw him. Isn’t it a little suspicious that a mass-faerie-massacre happened after Sookie told Ben where the sanctuary was? Could Ben be Warlow? If so, that would mean Sookie is dropping trou for the vampire who wants her dead!

“What is it about me that you want?” Sookie asks Ben as she removes an article of her clothing. From the smirk on his face we can guess what the answer is. We wonder what vampire Bill will have to say about the former love of his undead-life potentially locking lips with another man. Sure, I guess you can argue that he’s used to it by now, but the King of Louisiana also now happens to think he’s the prophet of Lilith and we’re pretty sure entitlement has gone to his blood-sucking head. Is it wrong to admit we were kind of tickled when Bill burst into flames?

Sookie wasn’t too happy with Bill either when he barged into her home uninvited and demanded that she let him synthesize her blood to help the vampire race. When she declined, Bill coldly stated that he considered the blonde beauty dead to him. Looks like Bill won’t be vampire-rushing to Sookie’s need when he feels her in trouble. But then again, Sookie doesn’t particularly want him around anyway. She confessed that she considered him dead way before he turned into Bilith.

‘True Blood’ Season 6, Episode 4 Will Eric spare Willa's life during "True Blood" Season 6, Episode 4 "At Last"?

Speaking of Lilith, Eric’s sister Nora cracked the code to finding out how to kill the powerful woman who has turned Bill into a future-seeing prophet. “It’s the progeny,” Nora said in the Season 6, Episode 4 promo of True Blood. “Only he can kill Lilith.” Does that mean Warlow has to kill Bill who is allegedly reincarnated as Lilith? True Blood never fails on confusing us with intertwining plots, but this time it’s hard to even make a tentative prediction of what will occur during “At Last.”

What we do know is that Bill and Eric are both trying to save the vampire race in their own ways. Bill is seeking out faerie blood, specifically Andy Bellefleur’s four faerie children who have turned into scandalous teens; meanwhile, Eric is holding the Governor’s daughter Willa against her will. Well, kind of against her will. Turns out Willa kind of has a thing for vampires; especially tall, intelligent, handsome ones played by Alexander Skarsgård.

What are your predictions for the Season 6, Episode 4 “At Last”? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to catch next week’s episode of True Blood on Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO!