True Blood’s Season 6 finale is almost here, Truebies, and you know what that means, right? Today we round up the final leaked spoilers of what is going to occur during Episode 10, “Radioactive.” And let us just say, the spoilers might leaving you feel a little — um, drained.

According to reports we can expect  a very sexy season finale on Sunday night that includes some girl-on-girl action, a naked vampire-Viking and a baby vamp’s murderous rage cut loose. Can you already guess what we’re referring to? Well, let’s start with Jessica Hamby and her nearly forgotten feud with Andy Bellefleur. It doesn’t seem that long ago that the red-headed baby vamp sucked Bon Temps' sheriff’s daughters dry during their visit to Bill’s house. Now that the vampires are freed from Governor Burrell’s camp, it looks like Jess and Andy are going to come face to face during the Season 6 finale of True Blood. The vampire vixen sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss what she thinks is going to occur during Episode 10, “Radioactive.”


“Well, that story is definitely not over,” Deborah Ann Woll said in reference to Jess and Andy. “I remember when I first read that scene and what I was gonna do to those girls, my first thought was ‘oh my God, I don’t know how Jessica Hamby and Andy Bellefleur can be on the same show anymore.’ And I was almost certain that one of us was gonna be gone by the end of the year. So we’re definitely gonna have to see a little more on that story in the finale.”

But not all the plots during the Season 6 finale will be glum. Looks like things finally heat up during Episode 10, “Radioactive,” — and do we see even a sister/brother quarrel over a vampire? “Remember how you said the day was going to come when I was going to want to have sex with you?” Jason asks Violet, who is clearly still basking in the sun-walking blood of Warlow. “What if that day has already come?” Violet stops feeding on the blonde-haired brother of Sookie to reply, “Not yet, Jason. Little by little, we’ll get there.”

It seems to be rather suspicious how quickly Jason has fallen in lust with Violet. Could he have just said that as a way to escape from her? When Violet offers Jason her blood, he quickly and suspiciously refuses, to which she commands him to drink. He does so, but luckily Sookie is around — finally — to come to her brother’s rescue. Violet is extremely territorial over Jason and becomes agitated when the half-faerie interrupts. But once she realizes that Sookie is her lover’s sister, she greets Warlow's potential bride with the warmest of — kisses. “Sook, meet Violet. She’s European,” the Season 6 finale leaked promo says.


But the scene that we can assume most True Blood fans are looking forward to is the “sexy and provocative” part of the Season 6 finale when Jason dreams of Eric. During “Life Matters” Eric gives Jason a massive amount of his blood to help find and save his friends from meeting the true death. But with Eric’s tasty blood comes a price that Jason will have to pay: Jason will experience sexual dreams about Eric as an effect. Executive producer Brian Buckner confesses that something will grab True Blood fans attention during this particular scene. "There’s definitely something for the ladies and the gay men. We might see a certain body part.” Well, well, well! Things just got a little more interesting, eh?

Will you be watching True Blood’s Season 6 finale Sunday night on HBO at 9PM? Let us know what you think is going to happen during Episode 10, “Radioactive” in the comments section below!