Whoa, did you see True Blood’s Season 6 finale last night on HBO? If you haven’t seen Episode 10’s “Radioactive,” please stop reading now because we’re about to get fang deep into some seriously tasty spoilers.

First off, we’d like to say that we totally called it! We knew there was something off about Warlow from the second he made his debut in True Blood’s Season 6. If Warlow was as “in love” with Sookie as he claimed, then why did he harass her in her bathroom portal? We also questioned Warlow's motives when he threw his sought-after-wife’s faerie godfather, Niall, into the unknown. Rude and definitely not a grandson-in-law move.

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During the Season 6 finale, Sookie tells Warlow that she isn’t fond of the idea of getting hitched right away. But Warlow loses his patience with the blonde Bon Temps resident and slaps her to the ground. He keeps Sookie as a captive in the faerie haven, where he attempts to turn her into his faerie-vampire bride. That's when her friends from Bon Temps, including Jason, Adilyn, Andy, Violet, and even Bill, attempt to save her.

True Blood Season 7 Spoilers "The Stackhouses (Ryan Kwanten and Anna Paquin) take on Comic-Con. #trueblood #tbsdcc #sdcc," True Blood captioned the photo.

In the end, Warlow dies when Niall makes his way out of the dark portal just in time to help Sookie stake him. Warlow falls into a puddle of ashes, and Sookie is left once again feeling the sting of love lost. But, six months later, we see one supernatural creature pick up the pieces to her broken heart. And no, it isn’t Bill, who was left alone to regret how he treated Sookie during his Bilith stage.

It turns out, Alcide and Sookie really do make a cute couple! The two attend Bon Temps' vampire-human meet-and-eat affair that the town’s mayor, Sam Merlotte, has set up. Basically, Sam and Bill sit down and discuss how humans and vampires might help each other out. A human, who is not infected by Hep-V, would act as a monogamous feeder for a vampire and in exchange they would receive protection from their blood-sucking friend. Needless to say, not all the townspeople are thrilled about the idea. Especially Andy, who refuses to show up to Arlene’s catered party. Jessica looks rather glum that the town sheriff doesn’t trust vampires (maybe because she sucked 3/4 of his daughters dry) and decides to go to his house, where the red-headed vixen offers Andy and his remaining daughter her protection. We don’t know how Andy could ever forgive her.

True Blood Season 7 Spoilers Will Tara (Rutina Wesley) survive in Season 7 of True Blood?

So what will happen during Season 7 of True Blood? Well, as you all know, our favorite vampire-themed HBO series was renewed for another season and production will reportedly begin in January 2014. That means we should expect Season 7 to return to the small screen sometime in June 2014. Here are the characters who have been confirmed to appear when True Blood comes back: Adilyn, Alcide, Andy, Arlene, Bill, Holly, James, Jason, Jessica, Lafayette, Nicole, Pam, Sam, Sookie, Tara, Violet, and Willa.

You might notice there’s a very big character missing from the cast list: Eric Northman. During the Season 6 finale, we watched our beloved viking-vampire burst into flames – due to Warlow’s death – on top of a mountain in Sweden. The sexy vamp was reading naked on the mountaintop when he noticed his skin sizzling. Eric jumped up, showing the world his entirely nude body, before being engulfed in flames. It really seemed like the blonde-haired hunk met the true death. But before we saw Eric officially die, the screen faded to back and True Blood jumped forward six months in time. So the question remains: Is Eric really dead? We know that the writers of Season 6 will get some nasty hate mail if they kill off Sookie’s former flame. Here’s what we speculate: Pam is going to save her maker. There’s no way that the writers would constantly write her devotion into the script if it wasn’t going to play a crucial role at some point. Perhaps she’ll bury him under the snow until night fall. But, then again, Pam will most likely be risking her own safety to save her vampire-father. We have no doubt she’ll die for him.

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Speaking of death, isn’t it rather suspicious that Tara’s mother has made her way into True Blood so unexpectedly? This can’t be good. The last time we saw her was in Fangtasia, where she made a commotion about her daughter becoming a vampire. We have a feeling Tara’s mom may be infected with Hep V and is determined to “save” her daughter by killing her – in the most horrific way possible. Would you be upset if Tara gets killed off in Season 7?

When Season 7 of True Blood returns, Sookie and Alcide will reportedly still be dating, but we don’t think that will last too long. Did you see the look in Bill’s eyes when he asked to speak to Sookie in private during the Season 6 finale? We believe the dark-haired vamp will try to win Sookie back in the upcoming season. But before he does, the people of Bon Temps will face a larger problem. At the end of the Season 6 finale, we saw a rather large gang of angry vampires stalking towards Arlene’s restaurant, and we don’t think they were looking to mingle.

According to reports, Hep V will play a major role in the upcoming season as humans and uninfected vampires work together to survive. We’ll keep you updated on spoilers as more are revealed, but, until then, what are your predictions for what will occur during Season 7 of True Blood? Let us know in the comments section below!