L'Wren Scott's fans were shocked on March 17 to learn that the acclaimed fashion designer and girlfriend of Mick Jagger was found dead, hanging from a scarf on a doorknob in her New York City apartment. Scott was 49. 

The cause of death has not been officially confirmed. But foul play will likely be ruled out. The press has not yet heard of a suicide note, but most fashion insiders believe that Mick Jagger's girlfriend killed herself. Now countless questions are swirling about why a successful designer would take her life at such a young age.

Fran Curtis, a spokesperson for Jagger, told USA Today that the singer was "completely shocked and devastated by the news." 

UPDATE: Was L'Wren Scott Depressed About Being Millions Of Dollars In Debt?

In February, Scott canceled her Fall 2014 London Fashion Week due to production delays. But depression and huge financial issues weren't discussed by the media at the time.

L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger Mick Jagger and designer L'Wren Scott pose following her Fall/Winter 2012 collection during New York Fashion Week on February 16, 2012.

It's still unclear if the cancellation was related to the March 17 news of her death. Scott had other big projects in the works, including a line with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and a holiday collaboration with Banana Republic. So when she canceled her show in February the company's problems did not seem dire.

"I am devastated by the tragic news about L’Wren," Bobbi Brown said. "She was a visionary designer who I very much enjoyed working with, but she was also smart and kind. My thoughts and heartfelt condolences go out to her loved ones during this very sad time." 

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Despite promising collaborations a source told the New York Post on March 17 that “L’Wren’s business just crashed.”

Another fashion source told the newspaper: “I knew something was wrong when L’Wren canceled her London Fashion Week show. That would have been so important to her. She was very prolific on Instagram and recently had gone quiet and hadn’t been posting so much.”

Police Stand Outside L'Wren Scott's Apartment After Her Death Police stood guard outside L'Wren Scott's New York City apartment on March 17 after she was found dead from an apparent suicide.

“Neither of them drink and do drugs, and they were always really affectionate with each other. There were no signs of problems in their relationship,” the source told the Post.

Scott had a huge celebrity following including Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz, but she was anything but typical. One of the first things fashion insiders noticed about her was her height. She was reportedly 5-foot-11 at 12-years-old.

Scott and Mick Jagger were dating for years but never got close to the altar, leading to constant speculation about where their relationship really stood. In 2011, the Rolling Stones singer told The New York Times that they were "kind of dating." In response, Scott told Harper's Bazaar: "You can't believe everything you read. I am only six-foot-three, by the way." 

In November 2012, after 10 years of dating, the storied couple sat down together for their first joint interview. Talking to Women's Wear Daily about costumes for the Rolling Stones tour, Scott said: 

“In a way, when you’re designing for this, you are designing for the stage persona. So it’s so great when you see [the clothes] come to life and moving — it’s amazing! I’ve worked with lots of musicians — like Tina Turner — and I love when they go in front of the fitting mirror and do their thing, pose, dance. I love that moment!"

L'Wren Scott Designer L'Wren Scott arrives at the world premiere of "Crossfire Hurricane" at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on October 18, 2012.

Mick Jagger chimed in. “When you’re onstage [the costumes] have to fit, and they have to be — for me —glamorous,” Jagger told WWD. “They have to fit in with the show. If you’re doing a small club like we did the other week [in Paris], you don’t want to dress up like a popinjay. If you’re playing in a really big stadium, you want to be in superbright colors, otherwise you just get lost."

Scott continued. “You can kind of work in your moods, and then you know you’re going to have three or four acts in your show, and it’s going to change, the lighting’s going to change, the vibe’s going to change," she said. "I wanted to make a hyper-tailored, glam look that deconstructs as he performs, meaning he keeps taking clothes off, and then maybe throws on some gorilla cape made of feathers — for fun — over a T-shirt."

"An artist needs his options to tell his story when he is onstage," Scott added. "I just think you’ve got to give choices. That’s how you approach it — the artist needs options.”

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L'Wren Scott's suicide death is still being investigated. Hollywood Take will continue to update you throughout the day.