The Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals, is coming to the CW this fall, so what can fans expect from the sexy new drama? Well, vampires, of course! "This is a show that is not about struggling to be a vampire, it's about embracing vampirism, it's reveling in it,” executive producer Julie Plec revealed about The Originals.

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"It's like the Lost Boys: Party all night and sleep all day,” star Joseph Morgan joked. "[The Originals] is about the power of the family community and the power struggle over the family community and the supernatural community of an entire city,” Plec continued. “We like to look at it as we graduated from high school and went to college and are getting our master's degree in The Originals."

"Put us in that decadent situation and we have a lot more vampire parties and crazy indulgence,” Morgan said. The Originals follows Morgan (Klaus) as he heads to New Orleans, the city from which he and his fellow vampire siblings were originally exiled. “We want to have a show that stands on its own and doesn't have to rely creatively on the foundation of the mothership, so to speak," Plec explained about the Vampire Diaries spin-off. Now, Klaus, who is used to being a bad*ss vampire, has to compete against former mentee Marcel.

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"We're used to Klaus coming in with a bull in a china shop mentality, dominating like a one-man army, but Marcel has an army of vampires. He has the numbers. He's running the city and he has the witches under his control," Morgan said. "I don't really know what his secret weapon he possesses is, but he has all the magic in the city and all of his inner circle of day walkers and nightwalkers. He's [Klaus] going to have to employ a little bit of his backstabbing methods to get where he wants to be to take back the throne."

The Originals is set to debut on the CW on October 3, 2013.